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Zagreb is made for strolling. Wander through the Upper Town’s red-roof and cobblestone glory, peppered with church spires. Crane your neck to see the domes and ornate upper-floor frippery of the Lower Town’s mash-up of secessionist, neo-baroque and art deco buildings. Search out the grittier pockets of town where ugly-bland concrete walls have been transformed into colourful murals by local street artists. This city rewards those on foot.

Afterwards, do as the locals do and head to a cafe. The cafe culture here is just one facet of this city’s vibrant street life, egged on by a year-round swag of events that bring music, pop-up markets and food stalls to the plazas and parks. Even when there’s nothing on, the centre thrums with youthful energy, so it’s no surprise that Croatia’s capital is now bringing in the city-break crowd. Zagreb is the little city that could.

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The Zagreb culinary tradition was always based around the Croatian love of big, set-piece lunches, with the hearty grilled- and roast-meat dishes of inland Croatia and fresh seafood of the Mediterranean. This was not a speedy-eating culture and not a particularly global one either. There are still plenty of old-school Croatian restaurants in the city and you should certainly try to eat well, and eat traditionally, at least once during your stay.

Croatians have always believed in three meals a day, with lunch being the main daily meal. This, unfortunately, has changed in last years, as many people work from 9-5, and simply aren’t home for lunchtime. However, lunches are still big family affair on weekends.