Zagreb best hotels and restaurants

January 16, 2019

In the most beautiful time of year, Christmas holidays, Zagreb is for sure one of the most visited cities in Croatia and Europe. For those who don’t know yet, you can fly to Franjo Tuđman Airport, new terminal of Zagreb International Airport opened in 2017, from any part of the world. The airport is 17 km away from the city center and it’s easy to get there by your own car, by renting a car or by airport bus that goes every 30 minutes.

Since it’s impossible to stay in Zagreb for only one day, there are many hotels and private accommodation options you can choose from. One of the best hotels in Zagreb is for sure Hotel Esplanade which works since the beginning of the 20th century. The hotel is located in the heart of Zagreb and everything is easy to reach – main railway station, main Jelačić square, shopping center, botanical garden, National Opera House and some of many museums like Archeological Museum and Mimara Museum. 

The hotel has more than 200 beautifully designed rooms and a lot of amenities such as restaurants (Zinfandel’s, La Bistro), bars, a fitness area, a beauty salon, a business center and many others. Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, which is also located in the center of Zagreb, on the other hand, offers more than 300 rooms, a business center, a garage and a parking lot, a fitness center, a pool and a sauna and also bars and restaurants such as King Tomislav Restaurant which is famous for top quality local dishes.


Except for mentioned restaurants, there are many restaurants you can find in the city and some of them are Noel, Dubravkin put, Carpaccio, Time, Ab Ovo and many others. But if you want to try what Croatians daily eat, you have to visit one of the best restaurants that offers Croatian cuisine – Stari fijaker. Except for very delicious traditional dishes like stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls, it’s famous for its homemade pastries and breads. The restaurant is located in Mesnička street in the city center, only five minutes from the Jelačić square and it offers authentic traditional food not only representing Zagorje region, but whole Croatia. 

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Just a bit outside of the city center, located near the famous Mirogoj cemetery, you can find the restaurant Okrugljak which is one of the most traditional restaurants in Zagreb. Okrugljak has a long tradition of more than 100 years and cherish Croatian tradition not only in food but also in interior style. The restaurant space is perfect for smaller and bigger gatherings and it has four halls which can be used for weddings, business meetings and other events. A great choice of traditional dishes prepared with high quality groceries from local producers makes you fully feel the tradition and culture of Croatia.

Zagreb is a city of various offers and whichever you choose, you will feel the spirit of Zagreb.

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