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Holidays in Croatia

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CROATIA HOLIDAYS – recognizable term in tourism There are few places in the world, where wealth and diversity of culture and mesmerizing beauty of the preserved natural heritage co-exist in the same area; where on such a small space so amazing diversity of climatic regions it is exchanged – like it is in Croatia. There […]

Compliment to the syntagm CROATIA HOLIDAYS

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CROATIA HOLIDAYS World tourism reveals the wondrous cultural and natural heritage of Croatia and recommends it to all people who seek relaxation, cultural experience and enjoyment. ‘Come to see, touch and enjoy’, is the proper call. Answering to the question of American magazine ‘Forbes’, ‘Which vacation destination is the most cherished for you?’, the owner […]

CROATIA HOLIDAYS – learn what is it!

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CROATIA HOLIDAYS The amazing and wonderful cultural heritage of Croatia and charming beauty of nature become part of the concept of the syntagm CROATIA HOLIDAYS. Croatian cultural heritage is not known worldwide so well as cultural heritage of some large and powerful countries and nations. It doesn’t have such magnificent monuments as pyramids of Egypt, […]