Thursday, July 25, 2013

Croatian Villas

Villas in Croatia for rent


There are few places in the world, where wealth and diversity of culture and mesmerizing beauty of the preserved natural heritage co-exist in the same area – like it is in Croatia. There are few places where on such a small space it is intertwined a multitude of cultures and traditions, folklore and cuisine – as it is in Croatia. There are few places where there are artifacts and monuments from prehistory and antiquity to modern times in such a continuity, proving the continuity of life and civilization, and the turbulent historical past.

And the greatest miracle is that the nature has remained in all its beauty, almost untouched. An unimagined possibilities of pleasure and leisure for visitors are offered in Croatian villas.

Croatian villas, country houses and holiday houses – an important part of cultural heritage –often luxurious but always aesthetic interiors and exteriors with cozy and intimate atmosphere, are desirable objects for dream holidays.


Kvarner is considered as the cradle of Croatian tourism. Opatija was one of the first seaside centers of the Europe and once the main seaside resort of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Croatian villas become an important content of the former luxury tourism and remains still to the present day. – Opatija and its surroundings is significant and recognizable for Croatian villas offer! Croatian villas for rent meets taste of the modern man. They offer a garden with sports facilities, swimming pool, sauna, lounge area and many other. Let´s mention Villa Eugenia, Villa Astra or luxuriously renovated house on the hill Casa Oraj above Lovran.


Istra–the new Tuscany! Still largely undiscovered, the Istrian peninsula is a magical place filled with such natural scenic beauty that it lured the ancient Romans away from their homelands to build monuments and cities that still exist here today.

The Istrians have been known for their hospitality and generosity for centuries. You will be greeted at chic restaurants and elegant shops as friends. Kissed by the Adriatic Sea, Istria is blessed with a bounty of delicious fresh seafood; while its rolling hillside landscape is fast-becoming a Mecca for cognoscenti of white truffles, and wine that is now recognized around the world. It’s no wonder that so many gourmets have begun to discover the Istrian renaissance too!

You can enjoy in high standard agro-tourism that is offered by lovely and friendly hosts that will do their best to make your holiday a one you dreamed about whether you are planning a wedding, a romantic honeymoon, or taking the kids on a family vacation, Istria’s wonderful beaches, bike and hiking trails, yachting, wine and food tours and spectacular sightseeing are all waiting for you.


Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline has lured emperors, adventurers and lovers of beauty to its shores for more than three millenia. Still pristine, its spectacular sights, natural wonders and welcoming people make Dalmatia a world-class destination. At one of our personally selected Croatian villa you will be able to experience the best that each has to offer in luxurious privacy.

Surrounded by the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, Hvar is new “in” retreat for discerning island lovers. Its glistening harbors are filled with yachts from all over the world. Famous for its elegant wine and outstanding restaurants and night life, Hvar is paradise found for those who want a relaxed, but sophisticated ambiance of Croatian villas. Brac, one of Croatia’s largest islands, is wild and beautiful with stunning landscapes, ancient picturesque villages and gorgeous beaches and still has beautiful Croatian villas to offer. For those seeking seclusion and untouched nature, the out island of Vis is a rare chance to experience the joys of island living without sacrificing the luxurious creature comforts of a Croatian villa.

Together, we’ll create the perfect Croatian travel vacation for your family, that special someone—or even help plan your corporate retreat! If looking for more options, unique sightseeing opportunities – contact us.


Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is a very unique place. Enjoying the city’s rich cultural heritage, great restaurants and wonderful sightseeing from the luxury and comfort of one of our Croatian villas is the perfect way to experience this world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Whether it’s shopping for hand-made gold jewelry, lying on a secluded beach and soaking up some sun, sailing the gorgeous Adriatic, or enjoying a glittering evening surrounded by glorious Renaissance architecture, Dubrovnik and its surroundings offer endless fascination, surprise and satisfaction. At one of our personally selected villas, you will be able to experience luxurious privacy in your own pool and spa and truly relax in peace and comfort surrounded by the crystal blue waters of Adriatic Sea and sun splashed walls of Dubrovnik’s magical Old Town. It’s all here waiting for you. So if your idea of a dream vacation is getting away from the everyday to discover the unique–the ancient and the new in perfect harmony– Dubrovnik is waiting.

Whatever your unique requirements—from local gourmet cuisine, to antique shopping, to special excursions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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