Friday, August 2, 2013

Slavonia and Baranja

Eastern region of Croatia

Experience the food and the wine of the regions.

Different cultures mixed on the territory of Croatia affected the growth of the culinary and the growth of the national cuisine. Dalmatian cuisine imply the wide roots of the roman and greek cuisine. Food from the Slavonia region include variarity of dishes brought by Turkish culture.

Meat lovers and vegetarians alike will find favourites among Croatian dishes, fine cakes, and cookies. Try specialities of the various regions in Croatia.

kulenSlavonian cuisine

Slavonian table is rich. The biggest influence on the cuisine of Slavonia had Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish cuisine, and now you can taste a variety of specialties which originally come from these kitchens.

The traditional Slavonian cuisine most commonly use ingredients such as cow’s milk, cream, cheese, then various pickled vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, beetroot, etc., and the inevitable products of dried pork meat such as bacon, ham, kulen, sausage. The most famous sweets of various are “strudel” of fruit (cherries, apples), cheese strudel, poppy and traditional nut-cake, donuts with plum jam, various biscuits (cookies) filled with ham, cheese, sausage and the like.

Spices that we are use are cayenne red pepper, pepper, garlic, onion.

Typical Slavonia meat dishes are stew, stew, fish-stew, shepherd’s stew, cabbage rolls, meat and other wildlife.

Of alcoholic beverages, in the Slavonia kitchen we used the most a variety of fruit brandy from various types of fruit (plums, pears, apricots), of which the most famous Slavonian plum brandy is as well as Viljamovka. We use white wines that are characteristic of Slavonia, and most famous ones are Riesling, Graševina, Pinot Gris and the other white wines.