Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mountain house in Croatia

Mountain house in Croatia

Enjoy beauty of mountain architecture and mountain cultural heritage

in renovated old-mountain style house in Gorski Kotar


Located in the Magnificent butterflies valley

  • Located in the amazing valley of butterflies – valley of Kupa river in Gorski kotar, in the village Kočićin (Kocicin), 7 km from Brod na Kupi
  • Enjoy the silence, fresh air, bird singing and feel what does it mean to be a part of nature
  • National Park Risnjak nearby
  • Nature Parks Zeleni vir, and Bijele and Samarske stijene nearby
  • Adventure sports in nature

The very fact that the Sobol household is located in the Magnificent butterflies valley, which accounts over 500 species of butterflies and is situated in the near of Kupa river in Kupa valley.

The house is a perfect accommodation for 6 persons who are nature and active holiday lovers. It offers variety of excursion in order to explore nature and cultural beauties. National Park Risnjak, Nature Park Zeleni Vir, rafting, canoeing, safari, kayaking and hydro-speeding on the river Kupa, hunting and fishing, foto safari, adrenalin park, paintball advanture, hunting and fishing, cycling and hiking tours and caves exploration.

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