Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lika and Gorski Kotar

Characteristic of the cuisine of Lika

Climate and geographic characteristic of Lika region defined its cuisine. Their cuisine is rich with fat because it was necessary to get energy reserve before the long and cold winter in Lika.

In this province smoked meat is often eaten as an appetizer or added to dishes such as cabbage, beans, or stuffed sauerkraut leaves (sarma).

A variety of meat products, like smoked ham, cured mutton meat, aspic, or cured boar meat, cured sausages or crackings, are also prepared.

Very interesting dishes are polenta with eggs supplemented by fried bacon and meat products.

For hardworking people of Lika it is not difficult to make dough and bake homemade bread of wheat flour mixed with barley flour. In some places of Lika it is still possible to see old water mills in function, grinding grain.

Developed skills of raising cattle enriched Lika’s table with excellent dairy products, especially milk which is eaten fresh or sour (varenika – fermented milk), often with crumbled bread; and also butter, sour cream and cheese.

Here, one can taste the famous Lika’s skripavac (i.e. semi-hard cheese from cow’s skimmed milk) which is used for making traditional cake called presnac, and also very tasty gruel called cicvara (i.e. dish made of flour, eggs, butter and cheese or of polenta in milk and butter); sheep’s cheese called Lika’s basa is widely known. It is prepared in the way that the cream-film is picked from the boiled milk; and much more…

When you are invited by Lika’s man for snack, accept it without much hesitation, because you will really enjoy eating and you will gather enough strength to face the challenges offered by Lika. Each welcome guest will be treated with homemade plum brandy called sljivovica, which will surely open your appetite and set the mood for a pleasant chat with hosts, on clean Lika’s air, while Lika’s juicy lamb is turning…

Lika’s table can not be imagined without the potato and cabbage. And, at the end of the feast, famous Lika’s doughnuts (on hot oil fried yeast dough) is arriving to the table.

Lika ecological paradise is still underutilized area, which includes the national pearls Plitvice lakes, Paklenica, Nothern Velebit, Cerovecke caves etc. Especially in the field of Gacko, Lika is a huge reservoir of fresh water. Fresh water is increasingly wanted today in the world, and beside the oil, water becomes the must important ‘world gold’.

The healthy air, untouched nature, rich fishing and hunting grounds provides opportunities for a pleasant rest and break from a daily hustle and bustle, and give the reason for re-coming.

Lika is the wealth which satisfies our soul.

Domestic Dishes of Lika:

· dry cheese
· Lika prosciutto
· smoked pork jelly
· Lika iota
· ricet noodles with beans
· boiled Lika lamb with sweet cabbage
· sheep leg cooked with sour cabbage
· sour cabbage rolls with bacon
· Lika veal steak filled with sliced bacon with boiled turnips and potatoes
· broiled pig on spit
· broiled lamb “pod pekom” (covered in ashes)
· chicken ghoulash with noodles
· boiled trout from the Gacka river
· apple rolls, cheese pie