Friday, August 9, 2013

Casa Oraj above Lovran

Casa Oraj above Lovran

Located on the slopes of mountain Ucka

375-m above sea level

unique combination of sea and mountain air


The full richness of the Mediterranean climate

combined with the magnificent view of the whole

Kvarner bay…


  • Ideal for hosting small groups, seminars, meetings, and various creative work-shops,
  • Recreational activities and health programs
  • The house is surrounded by garden with terraced land and caves
  • Special attractions are labyrinth and four Litopuncture stones on the lower terrace
  • Litopuncture is combination of ecologic and artistic work which induces liveliness of the area

Casa Oraj is a completely restored house for vacation, rest and relaxation. It has 4 rooms decorated with original old stylish furniture, and is fully-equipped.

Hotel Villa Astra provides full catering services for special events at Casa Oraj. There is also a possibility of hiring a cook for smaller family gatherings.

Most meals served at Casa Oraj focus on simple, authentic home cooked dishes and the finest local products. You can choose between local prsut (prosciutto), sheep’s cheese from island Pag, lamb from island Cres, seafood and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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