Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Stelio House

The Stelio House

Agro-tourism nearby town Pula, Istria


Long ago the Franciscans lived in this house,

for which reason it has still preserved

a special atmosphere of peace and comfort….


  • Unusual gastronomic offer, completely atypical with regard to classical restaurants
  • Only the original domestic meals are offered
  • The original meals are prepared depending on the season concerned
  • In the autumn our guests can take part in harvesting grapes
  • Making brandy
  • Picking chestnuts because our village Loborika has a woods of chestnut-trees
  • In the winter they can join us in making sausages
  • In the spring in picking asparagus
  • You are welcome also to taste the original domestic wine as well as the domestic brandies – ruda, medenica, biska
  • Just 4 km from our household there is a GO-KART , just at the entrance of Pula.

Stelio House is in a small place Loborika nearby three thousand-year-old Pula. The village has about 410 inhabitants and is about 7 km from Pula.

The Istria agro tourism house consists of the apartments for 4 persons, one apartment for 6 persons and 2 rooms with bathrooms.

Quiet peaceful nights and idyllic mornings are disturbed only by twittering of birds and calling of domestic animals. The Istria Croatia agro tourism estate ‘Stelio House’ is situated in this ambient.  Stelio House has a romantic meaning of a ‘star house’.

Agro-toursm house is equipped with all necessary modern features and appliances.

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