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Wine Tours Dalmatia


Our wine tours of Croatia, envelop you in the rich fragrances and ambiance of centuries-old cellars and vineyards. Your guides in the world of Croatian wine are the expert vintners whose families have cultivated grapes here for hundreds of years.

Visits to the renowned vineyards of Mario Bartulović, Mike Grgich and Alen Bibich will give you a comprehensive view of the traditional techniques that make our wine so special.
Croatia is not only the ancestral home of the Zinfandel grape and a vinting tradition that spans millennia; but also a hidden treasure trove of truly memorable experiences in South and Central European wine.

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Wine Stories of Dalmatia

Skradin is magical, nestling beneath the beautiful waterfalls at the mouth of the Krka River where it meets the sea.. For more than 2,000 years it has entranced all who love beauty, music, nature and glorious wine and food!  From traditional folk klapa singing that touches your heart to the roaring waterfalls of the Skradinski Buk, Skradin is a marvelous find. And so is their wine -

more than 75 years ago a local vintage Bedrica here won the grand prix award in Toulouse, France, and was declared one of the six best wines in the world!). Complimenting their outstanding viniculture are numerous authentic and original dishes.  Unique Skradin risotto definitely stands out as a labour of love taking over 12 hours to prepare! The countryside here is dotted with vineyards, each vine sitting in its own patch of fertile earth within a framework of stone walls covering the surrounding hills.  One of the meccas for wine lovers the world over is the Bedrica family home which has one of the richest collections of original tools, machines and devices for the production of alcoholic beverages in Europe that has been collected and treasured for more than two hundred years.

Private Wine Tour of Hvar Island

Taste Croatia’s first and only wines that won the Paris World Wine Contest and the Decanter World Wine Awards in London!  Our Taste of Hvar, the island of wine tour introduces you to two of Croatia’s most distinguished winemakers and includes tastings, a culinary picnic lunch, time for a swim and two gifts—a bottle of wine or grappa and a bottle of first cold-pressed olive product or olive pate!

Hvar is one of the ancient homelands of viniculture, first begun in this sunny region by the Greeks more than 2,200 years ago.  Dalmatia’s economic, literary, artistic and political history is closely connected with wine production. In the Middle Ages, free Dalmatian towns Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split and Hvar based their economy mainly on seafaring and wine production. Viticulture was at its highest peak at the end of XIX century. Today, half the region’s farmers still cultivate grapes. Plavac Mali is the pride of Hvar and the most known autochthonic grape variety in Croatia and in Dalmatia.


Konavle Wine Trail

The fertile green Konavle Valley, connecting Gornja Banda and Donja Banda, is covered with vineyards and orchards. On this tour, we’ve chosen Ćilipi to taste the famous wines made at the Dubrovački Podrumi winery. Winegrowing has always been a fundamental part of Konavle’s agrarian economy. Even back in the times of the Dubrovnik Republic, great attention was dedicated to the autochthonous variety of Malvasia. Today, the renaissance continues with many plantations renewing the cultivation of this historically valuable varietal in the vineyards of Konavle.

The Dubrovački Podrumi vineyard dates back to 1876. It’s well-respected for high quality white and rosé, such as Ragusa, the semi-dry Kadarun, and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot reds. After a picturesque drive through the countryside, we’ll arrive at the village of Komaji for a visit to the local vineyard and winery owned by the Crvik Family.


Wine Tour of Pelješac Peninsula

Peljesac Wine Tour takes you to the beautiful Pelješac peninsula. Located in the heart of South Dalmatia, this picturesque area is home to some of the most intriguing red wines in Europe. Our private wine tour includes a trio of wine-tasting opportunities at Croatia’s most respected wine cellars, field visits to their vineyards on the slopes of this magnificent peninsula and a magnificent Dalmatian lunch at the celebrated Bartulovic estate. Next, we visit the Grgic winery in Trstenik.



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