Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Central Croatia


Gastro description of this region begins with the bread,
which in this part of the Croatian usually made from corn, barley, or their mixtures.

Many cakes are similar to the bread with the addition of other ingredients
(kukuruznjaca-from corn, walnut-walnut, poppy-of poppy, etc.).

Quite a lot of dishes including pasta, dairy products (mainly cow’s milk) and lots of
vegetables (eg potatoes, cabbage, beans ..) and combinations thereof with meat.

Many different dishes are traditionally prepared in a combination; beans with pickled cabbage,
beans with barley or other combinations with peas, zucchini, etc.

Portugizac from PljeĊĦivica and Jastrebarsko, Chardonnay (Strigovan)

This region is one of the few who is also now preserved zimnice prepare a traditional pickling cabbage, cucumbers cooked in vinegar, pickling peppers, beetroot, plum jam, jam bar, bottled fruit …

Widely known are all kinds of strudel, pumpkin cake with poppy seeds, Zagorje strudel, pancakes …

Wine roads and gastronomical destinations

in Central Croatia, near Zagreb