Monday, July 22, 2013


Agrotourism encourages visitors to experience life.

Agrotourism is gathering strong support from small communities who provide getaway for urban, city people and allow us to enjoy holidays in travel and exploring nature and rural way of life.

Visitors even have the opportunity to work in the fields alongside real farmers and wade knee-deep in the sea with fishermen hauling in their nets.

We invite you to return to nature in search of tranquility, an opportunity to discover your true self.


Croatia is offering many different places.

Such as Istria, that tiny subcontinent below the Alps, immersed in the Mediterranean, well-known for its regional specialties and dishes prepared with locally grown vegetables, meat and always fresh fish served.

Or continental Croatia if you prefer … or…

Dalmatia if you have hunger for traditional Dalmatian tavern, offering traditional Dalmatian meals, made form ecological grown food, and of course good wines, that completes the flavors and scents of the menu.

Journey through the Wine roads, restaurants with traditional food, horses and the kind host who will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Relax in rustically houses, decorated in a recognizable authentic style, for lodging purposes.

In a pleasant ambiance, far away from city jams, with your kind hosts, you will feel just like home. Reward yourself , your family, or dear friends by spending some time in an idyllic ambient, surrounded by wild nature, where Man is native, and feels best!