Saturday, August 17, 2013

About us – best travel service site

Who are we  ?

We are a company that is monitoring touristic offers. We are the ones who analyze needs and desires of people and tourists who want to enrich their life with interesting experiences, in order to relax and soak up the good energy of the ambient that can help in everyday stress and ensure gathering of strength for modern life.

We bring you the most luxurious villa accommodation along the Croatian coast. Working with few different travel agencies and private owners we allow you to find perfect accommodation on one site without any additional fee for our services.

We can offer you relaxing and peaceful holidays on the beautiful Croatian coast and islands; or active holidays with sailing or yachting and exploring the stunning Croatian destinations.

We are dedicated to find a quality and a beauty in properties with outstanding features in authentic settings. We are committed to bring you best services from selecting your accommodation to your arrival and beyond.

We are promoting various types of tourism like quality agro-touristic properties that will provide idyllic getaway and allow us to enjoy holidays and rural way of life with dear friends and family.

We are working with young, enthusiastic professionals focused on introducing the incredible hidden heritage of Croatia by organizing tours and programs to satisfy yours every desire by custom-designed vacations.

We work exclusively with the finest luxury charters ensuring the highest level of service.

We are the ones who by analyzing the offer objectively assess the offered values and promote the best deals for you without any commission. We are trying to promote a content that is not just attractive but true and that will bring you exact information of the best touristic offers.

That is who we are, and that is who we want to be !

Everything you need for relaxation, recreation and fun.

Croatia has it all.

Zagreb, Croatia