Sunday, August 25, 2013

About Croatia

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The ideal holiday is a matter of taste –   a little extra relaxation for some, more sightseeing for others, Croatia has each of the ingredients for that perfect break in aboundance. It is one of the most versatile destinations around, and long hot summer days provide the ideal backdrop to whatever you plan to do – wether nothing at all or lots.

The main draw is the sublime Adriatic coastline – the turquoise waters and golden shores – but here is where the country keeps its best secret. Croatia has beaches for every day for each summer visitor. There’s also a choice of intimate rocky coves or lively strands, swimsuit or party suit. There is plenty of history for those with a thirst for culture. Croatia sat at the crossroads between the Western and Eastern Roman Empire, and between Christianity and Islam.

Croatia is one of the best places in Europe for snorkelling, hiking, cycling or free climbing, and you can enjoy stupendous unspoilt landscapes while you’re out and about. The country prides itself on its amazing range of national parks, which protect a range of enviroments from the dramatic limestone caverns to languid river deltas.


And if complete relaxation is on top of your agenda, put yourself in the hands of Croatia’s ‘wellness’ specialists – they’ve been in business since the Roman era.