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CROATIA VILLAS – Pearls of the croatia luxury tourism

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Villas, country houses and holiday houses – an important part of cultural heritage, heritage derived from the culture of life of the upper class of society of the ancient times – their often luxurious but always aesthetic interiors and exteriors and cozy and intimate atmosphere, are desirable objects for their inclusion in the offer for Croatia luxury tourism. These are the locations (depending on the size of space, organization and comfort) attracts business clientele to organize business meetings and creative gatherings, with the ability to merge the business with a pleasant recreation.

Croatia has many sites of that kind along the coast and inland, which is not surprising because throughout its history Croatia have been an active part of the Mediterranean and Central European cultural circle.

People who were socially active through the recent history emphasize that tourism in Croatia actually begins with the use of such buildings for receiving mostly wealthy tourists to the Kvarner Region.  Specifically, the ‘official’ start of Croatian tourism goes back to the year 1844. when, Villa Angiolina was built next to the old abbey (after which Opatija got the name), as the first building designed for accommodating elite and wealthy tourists from the ruling classes, the nobility and wealthy new raised rich people of the middle class.

Therefore, we consider Kvarner as the cradle of Croatian tourism. Opatija was one of the first seaside centers of the Europe and once the main seaside resort of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. VILLAS OF CROATIA becomes an important content of the former croatia luxury tourism and remains still to the present day.

By walking ten kilometers long coastline promenade (Lungomare) we can reach the picturesque old town of Lovran.  Lovran and the surrounding small places such as Medveja and Ike, there are more luxurious villas on attractive places, many of whom are involved in the tourist offer. These are CROATIAN VILLAS, which give the luxurious component to the Croatian tourism.

By the architectural and esthetic designs, and by the balconies and façades decorations, of the hotels and villas, and by the world famous paintings and sculptures – Opatija and its surroundings is significant and recognizable!

As in the architecture in general, all historical styles left their mark on the construction of the CROATIA VILLAS, mansions and holiday houses all around Croatia. Baroque luxury Art Nouveau comfort deserves our special attention. Taste of the modern man meet the criteria of aesthetic practice, an important details are also: a garden with sports facilities, swimming pool, sauna, lounge area.

List of  Croatia villas

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4 Responses to “CROATIA VILLAS – Pearls of the croatia luxury tourism”
  1. Edward75 says:

    WOW, were can I see the list of this croatia villas with more detailed info and maybe some pictures and booking info

  2. admin says:

    for more detailed info, pictures and our list of croatia villas click on the link at the end of the post !

  3. Catherine says:

    I am looking to rent a beach villa on island Brac for myself and my family this August. Is there additional tourist attractions there such as daily boat cruises ?

  4. admin says:

    There are one day boat cruises and wine tours in dalmatia

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