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Unique Concepts in Holiday Living

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Unique Concepts in Holiday Living


The main objective of the vacation offer in Croatia, Kvarner is developing Unique Concepts in Holiday Living, which address the personal needs of each and every guest. It is intended to blend the Croatian natural and human heritage with a warm personal approach, friendly environment and high comfort levels, while enhancing creativity and personal health. All this, to achieve “life balance” and “feeling of transformation” during the holiday.

To meet this challenge we selected a historical health resort: the town of Lovran. The selection was based on the following main considerations:

  • Lovran’s prime location: situated on the Kvarner gulf in the Opatija Riviera where Mediterranean and Central Europe meet, only few hours drive from Vienna, Trieste, Venice, Ljubljana, Munich. Additionally, it is not far away from the famous Croatian national parks.
  • Beautiful architecture: a romantic mixture of Central European and Mediterranean styles.
  • Climate: Lovran is part of Opatija Riviera with its mild Mediterranean climate.
  • Lovran’s tourism tradition: a seaside medieval town with numerous villas and beautiful land, town and seascapes. In the first half of the century Lovran was a famous tourist health resort, developed at the turn of the century (1890-1910) by the Vienna Medical Society.

It is primarily intended for the customers of various backgrounds and interests. Apart from offering the possibilities of long vacations or short breaks throughout the year, the goal is to create a “second home” where each guest will experience a feeling of transformation. And more, that here in Lovran, embraced by its micro-climate within the Gulf of Wellbeing, each guest leaves feeling better.

It offers enjoyment, relaxation, resting in luxury through acquaiting cultural and natural heritage, tradition, friendship and creativity.

Lovran is named after lauriana, the laurel tree, symbol of transformation and eternity.  It owes this meaning to the legend of Apollo and Daphne, children of the gods, who were parted by Cupid’s wicked arrow tips.  Daphne, running from Apollo’s love, was transformed into a laurel, but Apollo swore his devotion and, according to Ovid, wore the laurel thereafter. “As I am forever young, so you too shall never fade, your foliage ever green.”

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