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Team buildings

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The Group is not necessary a team …

The group can’t become a team overnight, nor will such a transformation happen by accident. It is necessary that the group develop team values and it is systematical and deliberate process. A good team has to work in order to improve communication, understanding, respecting and encouraging diversity, and on many other qualities.

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How to build a successful team?

A good way to encourage the positive contacts with employees is through the implementation of the programs of team buildings. This refers to programs that will, besides being entertaining, encourage positive change both in individuals and in teams, and all the processes is lead by the experienced coaches.

Trainers for the team building process should be highly educated persons of various professions and interests, with particular specialization in the area of communication skills, presentation, sales and construction team, and so these programs and their expertise will be visible in a well thought-out programs.

If during the year you need to reward your employees or partners, or simply have fun in the company of colleagues, we can offer various programs, one or more days, at home or abroad. Team building programs can be done in summer and winter, outdoors or indoors.

Each program is developed on the basis of previous analysis of the goals that the team wants to achieve and the activities that will include team building created in accordance with them.

Design of training prepared by experienced coaches is in order to satisfy the client-user, and all of the activities will module in relation to the needs and the outcome that we want to accomplish.

Whether your goal is to improve present relations and the functioning of the existing team, or to connect people in a new team or simply reward employees while entertaining, you can contact us with confidence, because your employees are going to have an appropriate program.


Below is a brief description of some of the topics we cover on our team building programs. Of course, the themes are interwoven in real applications, and it is almost impossible to work on one topic, and not to be touched and others.

Successful operation of the team – Privacy teamwork

The program is suitable for new teams, as well as to strengthen the harmonious operation of the existing teams, and focuses on the basic elements of teamwork, increase awareness of team members about yourself and others. In an informal setting, with interwoven tasks play and fun, it is becomes clear to the members of the team that team needs clear leadership and membership of the team, trust, commitment and positive attitude. Throughout the program emphasizes the importance of honest and open communication. The theory of teamwork is going through the practical experience. All rules of the participants go through exercises and practical examples of how to “on your own skin” feel and learn their importance.

Improving communication within the team

Program teaches the team members how to make the highest quality communication and how to understand other members. Although, efficient and good communication is essential for the success of an organization, maybe just few organizations doesn’t suffer from some form of communication difficulties. Through this program is to study the different levels of communication, the tasks of adopting the basic skills of communication and the importance of active listening. Participants increases awareness of the different ways of perceiving certain situations, and they recognize the importance of communication within the team and between different teams.

Conflict resolution

Program deals with situations of conflict within the team and the ways in which conflict is resolved. The goal of this program is that participants adopt some techniques to solve everyday problem situations and conflicts. Through fun activities, participants will adopt the importance of assertive behavior, and the importance of resolving conflict.

Strengthening the capacity of the team for every day stress

The program is designed for teams that have accelerated the rhythm of work, and refers to the adoption of techniques to reduce stress and learn how to cope with stress, which can’t be avoided. Through fun, participants will get to conclusions about how to minimize stress and find out how they own attitude can reduce the amount of stress we experience, which undoubtedly affects the productivity of work, team spirit and willingness to cooperate, interpersonal relationships, and of course the private pleasure and health.

Time Management

Program raises awareness about ways how to organize the time in the team better, the delegation and the time savings and thieves of time. Participants go through the tasks in which is necessary to organize well the team in the period of time and find the best way of distribution of tasks and successfully observed the process the game is so-called  ”Thieves of time”.

Leadership skills

Program emphasizes the importance and the role of the team leadership. Participants acquire knowledge of basic skills and rules of good quality control.

Encouraging creativity

Activities in this program will require the creativity of the participants in solving the tasks that will be put before them. The development of creativity of employees is extremely important because creative individuals are easier to come up with new ideas and find solutions to certain problems and contribute to business development.

Building a positive attitude

Program develops positive thinking and attitude of individuals within the team. A positive attitude will give attendees a new perspective on their capabilities and bring them to realize that the impossible can be turned into possible and feasible to change the attitude.

Building quality relationships

Program is designed for organizations that want to work on developing relationships among employees. In order to strengthen the team spirit, understand and accept diversity and mutual tolerance. The coach will, through various activities, prepared separately from the simulation to organized discussion, lead participants to mutual understanding, trust and alignment.

Strengthening the capacity of the team

Program offers different techniques when the team energy needs a lift up.

Management by fear

Refers to the rationalization of fear in the business.

Building the capacity of a successful team decision making

Program contributes to the success of team decision making.

Organization of events

Organize festive and fun events, celebrations and fun for your internal employees and business partners are our specialty. Socializing and entertainment of this type contributes to motivation and employee satisfaction. In informal meetings with business partners can more effectively share experiences and develop a successful cooperation.
In developing the creative concept of events is guided by the individual wishes and needs of each client.

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