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Town Rab, the member of

the European association of coastal towns and marinas

CROATIA TRAVEL – Town Rab became a member of the European Association of coastal towns and marinas. It is the only Croatian city that has the privilege and a sign of the – Quality Coast.

In this association, ‘Coastal and Marine Union’, ‘CMU’, 11 EU countries are promoting sustainability and quality of life in coastal areas and marinas. Quality reason for your Croatia travel.

The president of the CMU Albert Salaman gave recognition and the flag of the Quality Coast destination and congratulated the people of Island Rab for preserving the authenticity and identity of the of the urban environment.

Town Rab will be found in the brochure of the Quality Coast printed in 100 000 copies and will be available to tourists on a Croatia travel and agencies throughout Europe who organizes Croatia travel. Town Rab will carry a sign of the Quality Coast destination for the following two years.

Island Rab located on the south of the Kvarner Bay is well known for its preserved historic town Rab, where four church bell towers have a special place (three of them are Romanesque from the 12th century and one of them is Baroque from the 17th century), and they are a favorite theme of many paintings. Rab was diocesan center and its cathedral stands out by its original medieval art decorated with paintings and other valuable works of art.

Rab had a special role in founding of the state of San Marino that was established on the nearby peninsula. The legend says that San Marino was founded by the sculptor Marin from the Island Rab in the 4th century and by whom the state got the name after.

Croatia travel – Islands of the Kvarner Bay offer plenty for the lovers of the cultural heritage, especially in the Island’s historic towns, such as town of Krk (on Island Krk), town of Rab,(on Island Rab), town of Cres (on Island Cres), and many others… And all of them ‘within close reach’ on your Croatia travel. On the junction of the Island Cres and the Island Losinj a historic city Osor is located (also the former seat of the diocese).

Come and discover the cultural heritage and the

natural beauty of Croatia! CROATIA TRAVEL

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