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Travel Croatia

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Travel Croatia

Croatia travel – Kvarner

If you decide to come and travel Croatia but you are not sure where to go or what to visit I can help you. In the article I want to tell you a bit about Kvarner region.

Kvarner is the region in Croatia with the longest tourist tradition. Europe’s royalty, many eminent personalities, statesmen and artist all chose the region as a holiday destination as far back as the 19th century. Include this region as priority to visit on your Croatia travel.

See more about little town of Lovran, on Opatija riviera in this video:

Today’s guests on their Croatia travel will soon understand the reason why. Kvarner is an extraordinary natural setting, offering a unity of well-intended coastline and the scenic islands of the Croatian coast, with the green and forested regions of Gorski Kotar and Lika as a backdrop. This is where European and Mediterranean cultures meet – and blend.

Family home accommodation also enjoy a long tradition here. The coastal people know well how to bring something of the family atmosphere into the room, apartment, villa, resident house or holiday home they guests may choose.

This kind pleasure is much sought-after and treasured, so it is little wonder that of the 145,385 accommodation units, which encompasses the whole region, as many as 65,000 are family-owned.

For example villa arranged to meets the needs of business clientele:

Luxury business hotel can be a great choice for business meetings on Croatia travel. Situated at the very entrance into the town of Lovran, it is a prestigious tourist resort in the Mediterranean. It is a perfect harmony of comfort and simplicity of a secession stylistic expression.

Or see it with your own eyes while traveling Croatia:

In order to introduce Kvarner perfectly I will show you all of it.

There is famous – Opatija’s Riviera

The Opatija Rivijera is a series of glittering towns, like little stars that have landed on the seashore, where the mountain of Ucka and the waves of the sea meet.

Opatija commands attention, on your Croatia travel, with its beautiful radiance. Opatija has been described as the Vienna-like residence on the coast, due to its extravagant villas, neo-Classic hotels and magnificently landscaped gardens.

Each day, Opatija’s travel Croatia guests stroll along paths formerly walked by kings and emperors, counts and archdukes, to the muted rustle of camellias, palms and magnolias.

The aura of the one-time Vienna fashionable set follows them, whether they stroll along the sea or past the villas in other parts of the Riviera.

Events in Opatija Riviera for everyone who travel Croatia:

Carnivals in January and February, the Asparagus Festival in April, the Cherry Days in June, the Liburnia Jazz Festival in July, ‘Marunada’, the chestnut festival in October, Kvarner Expo in March and April, the Flower festival in May, the Summer Stage- a rich cultural and entertainment programme throughout the summer, the Ucka Fair during the first weekend in September.

Then – Rijeka Region

On your Croatia travel you can find out that Rijeka is not only the communication, administrative and economic center of the Kvarner area, but it is also a city with an exceptionally rich political and cultural heritage and a treasure trove of fascinating historical accounts: during the 20th century alone it formed a part of seven different states. This is the city where the torpedo was invented and where the trajectory of a bullet was photographed for the first time. It is where Janko Polic Kamon (Croatia’s greatest avant-garde writer) was born, as well as Ivan Zajc (composer of the finest Croatian opera), and it is also in Rijeka that the world renowned orchestral conductor, Lovro Matacic, was born.

The facades of grand houses – be they Secessionist, historic or modern – testify to the works of Hungarian, Austrian, Italian and Croatian builders. While travel Croatia – The sights of Rijeka can be viewed on a tour aboard a double-decker, open-top tourist bus, where guides provide information in ten languages.

Events in Rijeka Region for all who travel Croatia:

Rijeka Carnival in February, International Festival of Small Stages in May, Fiumanka International Sailing Regatta in June, Summer Nights of Rijeka in June and July, Summer at Gradina from June till September, the Hartera music festival in June.

Then while on Croatia travel there is – Crikvenica Riviera

Crikvenica rises from where the sea air intermingles with the air streaming down from the mountains. Submerged in greenery, Crikvenica is one of the more attractive towns of Kvarner.

People come here to seek respite for body and soul as far back as the 19th century, as shown by its numerous historical villas and hotels.

Its list of distinctive guests includes crowned heads, leading actresses and baronesses. Its fame was such that Crikvenica earned the epithet of a fashionable destination very early in its tourist history.

Today’s Croatia travel guest enjoy the spirit of those times, but also the clean seas off the towns along the whole of the Riviera.

And for Croatia travel – Novi Vinodolski Riviera

Novi Vinodolski is a town with an enviable cultural heritage. It was here that the Vinodol Codex, Croatia’s oldest legal document (1288) was written.

Novi Vinodolski is also the home town of the renowned Mazuranic family, who occupied Croatia’s literary throne fro two whole centuries, one of its heads being the poet and Viceroy, Ivan Mazuranic.

Novi Vinodolski is also a Croatia travel tourist town. Most of those who come here and to nearby towns do so mainly because of the balmy climate. Its popularity is understandable: 22 km of beaches and promenades await them, while the natural world of the forest – covered inland area encourages an active vacation, with a view of numerous castles once belonging to the Frankopans.

Events in Novi Vinodolski Region for all on their Croatia travel:

Harley Davidson in April, Summer Carnival in July, Novi Vinodolski Summer Evenings in July and August, Rose of Vinodol in August, Days of Figs in September.

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