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Dubrovnik Old Town

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Dubrovnik Old Town

Old City Walls, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik’s voluminous city walls, up to 12 m (39ft) thick and 23 m (82ft) high in places, are a stunning site. A cradle of stone, they helped to protect one of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in Europe, as well as safeguarding the independence of the city-state for centuries. Running from the steeps cliffs to the north through to the Adriatic in the south, they provided an impenetrable barrier to pirates and potential conquerors, until the keys to the gates were finally hadned over to the French on 31st of January 1808, and the Republic of Dubrovnik (or Ragusa, uo use its former name) came to an end.

Pile Gate

This grand western entrance to the Old City leads, via a drawbridge, down on to the Stradun. Look out for the figure of Dubrovnik’s patron saint, St. Blaise, above the gate and,  a little further on, for a more modern depiction by Ivan Meštrović.

Minceta Fort

North of the Pile Gate steep steps lead up to an impressive fort. Views at sunset from this 15th-century bastion justify the exertion to reach it.

Ploce Gate

The bridge leading to the Ploče Gate on the eastern wassl, offers new arrivals tantalizing glimpses of the city and the odl port.

Revelin Fort

Close to the eastern walls stands this sturdy 16-th century fortress, now used for music and dance events in summer.


The legacy of the 1991-92 siege is evident from the strech of walls around the old port. From here the contrast between the charming, original roof tiles and the newer replacements, imported form France and Slovenia, is easy to see.

St. John’s Fort

This fortification protected the old port from advancing enemy ships and was, in its time, right at the cutting edge of military technology. Begun in the 14th century, additions were being made well into the 16th century.

Maritime Museum

Part of st. John’s Fortress is a museum, that sheds light on the Republic of Ragusa’s rich and eclectic maritime heritage. The exhibits include a large collection of model ships, sepia photographs of the port and historic maps.

Drinks Counter

On the southern flank of the walls there is an uanssuming drinks stand with outdoor seating. This is a fine spot to rest on a hot day and admire the hulking fortifications and the island of Lokrum.

Boat trip

For completely different perspective of Dubrovnik’s walls, join a tour boat or hire a local water taxi and skirt around the base of the city, where Adriatic swishes against the rocks and ramparts soar menacingly upward.


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