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National Park Krka

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National Park Krka

Krka National Park

The Krka river runs through deep limeston canyons and into a string of lakes formed by natural dams and waterfalls before flownig out into the Adriatic near Šibenik (nothern Dalmatia). Unlike Plitvice lakes, the Krka watercourses are easly visited by organised boat tours, the longest taking four hours.

In the middle of the canyon, in lake Visovac, upstream of the river is the interesting Krka Orthodox monastery; while on the high ground above the river sit several old ruins. Magnets for visitors are the old mills which have been transformed into small ethnographic museums where one can see how wheat was ground in olden days.

The main attraction of the Krka National Park is its seven waterfalls. Skradinski Buk is a magnificent, 50 m (164ft) high waterfall that cascades over huge boulders covered in mosses and other water-loving plants; Roški Slap is wider and shorter than its sibling but creates a maze of white-water chutes.

All around Roski slap and Skradinski buk is any number of rest places, the most favored being in front of old stone house set in the shade of surrounding trees.

Beyond the charming little town of Skradin, which happens to be favorite starting point for boat trips to the park, the river Krka, gradually widens, first into Prokljansko Lake and then into deep sea bay, towards the city of Sibenik.

How to get there

You can get to Krka National Park from town Split, through highway E65, or from town Sibenik by local bus. You can buy bus tickets on the spot or make an early booking.

Entrances in the Park

Entrance 1:  Skradin

There is a parking place and taxi boat’s port in village Skradin. Taxi boats for Skradinski Buk waterfall are FREE and they operate from 10am till 6pm every day during touristic season.

Tickets for NP Krka are available at the National Park entrance.

Entrance 2: Lozovac

You can park in place Lozovoac above the Skradinski Buk waterfall and take a footpath that leads to the waterfall.

Entrance 3: Roski slap (Roski Waterfall)

You can visit this waterfall from the place Siritovci.

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