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Losinj – Seperated form Cres by the Kavuada canal, the island of Losinj (also known as Lussino) is a popular destination for holidaymakers.

The island’s main claims to fame are the magnificent beach at Cikat Bay, with its strands of protected ancient pine forest, and the busy main town, Mali losinj, which is near the beach. By contrast, Veli Losinj to the south is a much lower-key settlement, set around a slender coastal inlet.

Losinj is the favorite of Helios, being one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean. Here too, man has left his indelible mark, leaving centuries old pine forests, parks and a treasure trove of valuable transported from all parts of the world, bequeathing them to today’s visitors to enjoy and admire. The island’s mild climate attracted Austrian royalty in the 19th century – the grand villas and hotels remaining as visible witnesses to this fact. it is here that the bluebloods abandoned themselves to the sea in the Suncana, Srebrna, Zlatna and similar coves. Some come here following in the footsteps of the famous visitors of times long gone, while others follow in the wakes of the many dolphins which grace the waters along these shores.

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