to rated restaurant in croatia

TOP rated Restaurants in Croatia

TOP rated Restaurants in Croatia

Have you ever want to go to a place not thinking about what food you will be having there? I don’t think any because food is certainly one of the top reasons why people tend to travel. Food, whether home or abroad, gives that feeling of satisfaction which makes all our wandering thoughts go away and just enjoy ourselves in that very present. Travelling is a combination that is incomplete if the element of food isn’t there or if you don’t plan your food outings properly. So, if you really want to have the best of everything in that one trip, make sure you have your food stops sorted out beforehand. If you have planned and are already booking your flight to Croatia, then you’re lucky because this list has the most liked and hyped restaurants from the area that are a must visit for everyone


To those who are particular about the place they dine at or the restaurant’s rating itself will be delighted to know that this one in Croatia is a Michelin star place that is undoubtedly one of the best in town. It is located right opposite the Cathedral and has a really classic setting which makes it a perfect dine out during days. The décor is super elegant with wooden tables and counters and the bricked walls at the back of it give that perfect touch of contemporary theme. The menu, however, is completely modern and up to date with all the new dishes and an irresistible wine list that gives a perfect finish to your meal. The timings of the restaurant are open for one time of lunch and two different slots for dinner. 


Restaurant 360

Croatia is known for their different architectural designs and how it beautifully incorporates natural sights to add on to the man-made settings. The name itself must give one an idea about the restaurant and its arrangement. The place has tables and chairs set in a round structure that is open air and close to the port. The views of the port are what attracts most of the audience here along with the mouthwatering cuisine.The chef has a great art when it comes to combining traditional spices and modern day culinary tricks. Another outstanding feature of the food here is that it is made from all fresh produce which is why the people keep coming back to try it. It is without a doubt one of the best places in Croatia but the only downside to this are the timings which are only from 6;30 to 10;30 pm. The reason being their need to maintain the whole feel and ambiance of the place which best shines at night.


This Michelin star restaurant has an indoor sitting but has an enclosure surrounded with glass that lets the customers enjoy the view of outside. It is an extremely romantic place and perfect for those who want to spend some good time out with their special ones. They have kept the interiors really simple and elegant with mostly white décor and the food is what speaks for the greatness every time. You will find a lot of creative dishes here that reflect the finesse of the chef in terms of culinary tips and tricks. They have some signature dishes too that are nowhere to be found apart from their restaurant. You will find this place below Cathedral of St Euphemia and be sure to make your reservations after 3pm because it only opens after 6pm. 

Konoba Fetivi

The literal translation of the restaurant’s name is “local’s restaurant” and this gives an idea of the ambiance of the place and how the interior would be. It truly does live up to its expectations because the family that runs the place has made sure that customers feel at home when they comes here and the food is just as good as any home cooked item that we enjoy. They have an extensive menu list full of healthy and wholesome dishes that give the best value of money. There isn’t anything fancy about the place but the whole concept of it is to make it as welcoming and warm as possible. People love to visit the place day and night, spending hours and hours. The place is open from noon till 11pm and therefore you’ll have plenty of time to secure your table. 

Konoba Fetivi


This elegant and chic glass built restaurant is the best in tow if you want to drink from a large collection of wines and the best seafood delicacies. When you enter the place, you see a décor that is combination of both modern art and Dalmatian elements. There are over 120 brands of wine available, including those that are decades old. The place is open till late at night because majority of the people want to spend their cozy nights inside with warm seafood delights.


Sometimes, one doesn’t feel like dining out in fancy places or spending too much for just an hour’s time. For those times, this place is perfect because it presents with a decent menu and ambiance in affordable prices. You can chill out with your friends and just have a good time enjoying the fresh drinks and delicious dishes. It is situated away from the busy center so that you can fully enjoy your time there. Mondays, however, are off but the rest of the week there is ample time to visit from 12 noon to midnight.

Croatia is a heaven for travel freaks because there is a lot of watch and enjoy here. From the breathtaking sights to mouthwatering cuisines, everything is a delight. So, book your next cheap flight to Croatia and get to experience the lively place that it is. 

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