The amazing and wonderful cultural heritage of Croatia and charming beauty of nature become recognized as term: CROATIA HOLIDAYS.


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Croatian cultural heritage is not known worldwide so well as cultural heritage of some large and powerful countries and nations. It doesn’t have such magnificent monuments as pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China or Pompeii in Italy.

Croatia was not a center of some great empires in history, but it was relatively close to such centers and part of them, and by no means a periphery. However, many visitors, so as some experts in cultural history of our civilization, also, will be surprised that, in proportion to its geographical area.

Croatia has more cultural heritage sites under UNESCO protection than for example France or Germany. Croatia holidays also offer many other valuable cultural monuments that would also be able to find a place on the UNESCO List, in accordance with the most strict criteria.

Because of these characteristic of destinations, the indescribable beauty of nature, on the Adriatic coast and islands, and amenities for pleasure and relaxation, Croatia holidays has become very recognizable in world tourism, and concept CROATIA HOLIDAYS gets emotional tone and color in all of these who have any experience of contact with these amazing surroundings.


And, it’s all in the vicinity of the enchanting nature… Come and experience, spend your CROATIA HOLIDAYS.