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Plastic surgery in Europe

June 13, 2019

Development of Medical Tourism in Europe

surgery abroad

 Croatia medical tourism is a new type of tourism getting widely popular day by day. The market value of medical tourism is currently $60 billion worldwide.

Future development conditions for medical tourism are also fairly good. The only thing which can slow it down is the lack of capacity in a country.

The demand for medical tourism has increased in recent years a lot because of health care system shortcomings in some countries. Some facilities which provide good healthcare, but are expensive and most in for low budget do not provide good healthcare.

Croatia has become very popular for medical tourism. It has top medical consultants and good facilities. Not only it is good in medical services but it is also a very beautiful destination too.

Croatia has a safe and highly developed environment for some medical services. It is the best destination for cosmetic surgery abroad.

In the first month of 2018 tourism minister of Croatia passed a law involving medical services in tourism services which will make it recognized as medical tourism.

High demand of Croatia in medical tourism has made it the most popular crowd snatcher in Europe. Croatia knows how much planning and safety matter for people to choose plastic surgery tourism. It comes with its own challenges and risks. But in Croatia, you do not need to worry about those risks.

Because here doctors and surgeons study and practice for many years to keep up with new approaches and medicines. Choosing Croatia is best for plastic surgery in Europe. They provide the best professional surgeons with same skill level as that of the US. About 25% of plastic surgeries in
Europe take place in Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Croatia’s medical tourism is best known for its qualities like well organized patient transfer, great accommodation, professional staff and aftercare. 

In medical tourism you take some time off for holidays when there is a medical condition or you simply want to look nicer. When you find out that there are no holidays left for you to take, the idea of medical tourism comes to your rescue. You can convert your holidays into.

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