Hotels in Croatia

Hotels in Croatia that are sure to take your breath away

Croatia meets at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe at the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Croatia is home to amazing pieces of land both in plain regions and hilly areas. The area is super rich in biodiversity which adds to the appeal of this place and the natural beauty that it enjoys. The country has an exceptional collection of its heritage, culture and architecture that are sure to give you a wild weekend time. Its continental side along with the stunning beaches and warm welcoming towns really uplift the value that one gets from even spending a night here. For those who plan on coming here or staying a little longer should know that the charming restaurants are always open and welcome to visitors ensuring a satisfied customer experience. There is all forms of hotels, both small and the big ones, along with guest houses and single apartments; so you don’t have to settle for anything less.

Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico

This isn’t a large hotel because it has been made in a renovated townhouse; therefore it gives that very personal experience to those staying. You will find terraces attached to each of the rooms o give a view of the enticing sea waters and a breath of fresh air. The cozy experience is sealed with perfection with a fireplace and stone walls that give you a complete happening time when you don’t feel like going out. The hotel gets a rating of 8/10 on an average and is a favorite for anyone who travels to Rovinj area in Croatia.

Hotel Villa Kapetanovic

Hotel Villa Kapetanovic

A cute family is running this hotel and they try their best to keep it as cleaned and charming as possible. You will find this hotel just a short distance away from the waterfront in Volosko. Interestingly, the food that they have to offer is more delight than anything else which is why people make it a must visit on their trip to Volosko. The panoramic views are just an added bonus to that results in an expert rating of 9/10.

Hotel President Pantovcak

Yet another boutique style hotel in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It is situated towards the edge of the city center and really lives up to the expectations of people from the happening city. In all the Zagreb apartments and hotels, this one stands out because it’s a surreal display of artwork and antiques. Living here gives you the chance to admire some of the great works of art and enjoy a peaceful time in the serene set up that it has. You will get to capture picture-perfect moments here and the delightful garden will have you provide you with tranquil days and nights. This too gets a rating of 9/10 but once you actually do spend some time here, you will realize it’s worth a full 10.

Hotel Navis

For those who like en extra oomph to their stay and are more in favor of modern style locations with designer touches should immediately head out to this luxurious hotel. Hotel Navis is known for the striking architecture that leaves everyone mesmerized to the last second. To top it all off, a fine dining experience which waits is sure to make it a truly unforgettable stay. There is no way you’ll have a dull second here in Hotel Navis because even when everyone is sleeping, the breathtaking view is what will have you entertained for long. Anyone who has travelled in different parts of Croatia knows that this place certainly enjoys the top 10 places and has always been rated above expectations.

Hotel Lone

In the prestigious group of design hotels, this is the only hotel which makes its spot. This therefore gives an idea of the exquisite piece of architecture it may be and how it actually combines both elegance and style in a minimalist way. You will find this hotel exterior surprising yet decent and therefore very much appealing to the eye. The plain white color is what makes it truly stand out in the surroundings and the insides of it are an even more of a surprise. You will find the furniture and decorations all in a contemporary theme that makes the place perfect for taking pictures or just having a fancy time around. It is a huge hotel with more than 240 room and three restaurants inside offering continental cuisines for food lovers. There is also a spa and an outdoor pool to give you a time where you don’t have to even step out of the hotel for a second. You’ll have everything offered at the quickest of service and that too with satisfying quality. This is a favorite place to stay for especially couples and young families who prefer to make the most of their time.

Casa Romantica La Parenzana

 This lovely boutique guesthouse has been built in a farmhouse which has a wonderful atmosphere and offers an unforgettable experience to its customers. It is a perfect place for romantic couples, hence the name, who want to just spend some time away from the busy life routine and get a good escape filled with peace, surprise, warmth and happiness. The hotel gets a rating of 9/10 and can be completely trusted to elevate you experience here in Croatia.

When we visit places, no matter how beautiful and captivating their visuals are, it will not be that good of a stay unless you find a comforting place to stay at. After a long day out, you just want to come back to your room and dive into your bed. All these hotels along with other apartments in namely Zagreb and other regions have been evaluated for all their services which is why they are rated high amongst other in competition. You can head over to the official websites or reach out to a local travelling agency to get further details and secure your trip with the best that is available.

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