Explore Bali: Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

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There are many amazing waterfalls in Bali (especially in Northern Bali). Lately, I decided to hop on my scooter and check out the most beautiful Bali waterfalls.  I knew Banyumala Twin Waterfall looked amazing, but I was absolutely impressed when I got there! It was breathtaking! I didn’t expect it to be this huge, and yet, you should be adding the Twin Waterfalls to your Bali itinerary!


Where is Banyumala Twin Waterfall?


Bali Waterfall Gopro


Banyumala Twin Waterfalls are located in the North of Bali in Munduk area. You can find the popular Bali waterfalls heading north of the famous Danau Buyan Lake. It takes about two hours driving from Canggu to get there.


When is the best time to visit Banyumala Twin Waterfalls?


Banyumala Twin Waterfalls


We arrived at Banyumala Twin Waterfall just before lunchtime. It wasn’t that busy, but if you want to enjoy the waterfall to yourself, going earlier would be recommended. Of course, going during the dry season is a better option as it can be tricky to access waterfalls during the rainy season.

Visiting Banyumala Waterfall Bali


Banyumala Twin Waterfalls


Banyumala Waterfall is now on the top of my list, followed closely by Nungnung Waterfall as well as Sekumpul Waterfall.

When we arrived, we had the option to park our scooter straight away or to go further and use the second parking lot, which we did. You can find a small restaurant on site as well as a restroom.

The way down was pretty easy.  You can expect to be surrounded by nature, so enjoy! The way up isn’t too bad either if I compare to other waterfalls (and their stair situations), this one was one of the easiest!



How long does it take to go down: 10-15 minutes

How long does it take to go up: 15-20 minutes depending on how fit you are!

Entrance fee: IDR 15,000 + 3,000 for the parking


While you’re around Munduk, you should check out Munduk Waterfall.

Tips for Driving a Scooter in Bali


We got there on our scooter. I’ve been exploring Bali by scooter for a while now, and here are a few tips when driving around Bali:

  • Use headphones to follow the indications on Google Maps.  This way, you won’t have to stop every 3 minutes to look at the map.
  • Make sure you have good sunglasses.  The sun rays can be rough in Bali. Also, it’s normal to hit bugs or to deal with a lot of dush while driving in Bali, so having sunglasses can be super handy!
  • You might want to grab a mask.
  • Make sure your body is sunshine ready. Put on lots of sunblocks, otherwise, you might turn into a krab.

If you don’t drive a scooter…

If you aren’t confident enough to drive a scooter, you could hire a driver for the day. You can normally find a driver in Facebook groups or using apps such as Grab or GoJek (or you could also ask the staff at your accommodation). If you want to see many waterfalls in one day, you could also book a waterfall tour!

There are a few options, but they aren’t around Munduk I’m afraid:


Munduk Bali Accommodation


If you’re staying in Munduk, here are a few options for different budgets including some of the best Munduk hotels.

Budget Hostel: One Homestay and Warung  / Dong Paloh Hostel 

Mid-range Hotel: Lesong Hotel and Restaurant / Swar Bali Lodge / Atres Villa

Luxury hotel: Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort & Spa / Sanak Retreat Bali / Gunung Paradis Retreat


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