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Welcome to Otocac, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Croatia! With its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Otocac offers an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Immerse yourself in the charm of this picturesque town, surrounded by stunning mountains and crystal-clear rivers. Explore the historic Old Town, where ancient walls and cobblestone streets tell stories of times past. Discover the beauty of the nearby Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its cascading waterfalls and lush greenery. For a truly authentic experience, choose to stay in one of our private apartments. Enjoy the comfort and privacy of a home away from home, while being just steps away from all the attractions Otocac has to offer. Whether you're a nature lover, history enthusiast, or simply seeking relaxation, Otocac has something for everyone. Escape the ordinary and embark on a memorable journey to Otocac. Book your stay today and let us help you create lifelong memories in this enchanting destination.

Otocac is a small town located in the Lika-Senj County of Croatia.
Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes
 Otocac offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.

Relax and Unwind in Otocac

With its picturesque location surrounded by lush greenery and the calming sound of the Gacka River flowing through its center, Otocac exudes tranquility. Whether you choose to explore the historic Old Town, take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank, or indulge in the local cuisine at one of the charming cafes, Otocac offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere and let the stress melt away as you discover the beauty of Otocac.

One Day Trips from Otocac

Otocac, a small town in Croatia, offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it. With its strategic location, you can easily embark on exciting one-day trips to nearby destinations that offer a variety of attractions.

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Just a short drive from Otocac, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. With its cascading waterfalls, crystal-clear lakes, and lush green forests, the park is a paradise for hikers and photographers alike.

Velebit National Park: Located on the slopes of the magnificent Velebit Mountain, Velebit National Park is a haven for adventure seekers. The park offers numerous hiking and cycling trails, allowing you to explore the diverse flora and fauna of this pristine area.

Gacka River: If you're a fan of fishing or simply enjoy serene landscapes, a trip to the Gacka River is highly recommended. Known for its abundant trout population, the river offers a peaceful setting for a day of fishing or picnicking along its banks.

Senj: For history enthusiasts, a visit to the coastal town of Senj is a must. Explore the remnants of the Nehaj Fortress, which dates back to the 16th century, and soak in the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea from its walls.

Whether you're seeking natural wonders or cultural experiences, the surroundings of Otocac have something to offer everyone. Plan your day trips carefully, and get ready to be mesmerized by the beauty of Croatia's diverse landscapes.

List of nearby towns and villages

Recommended restaurants

Distance from the center of Otočac: ~1.6 km
Restaurant "Camar"
User reviews
Restaurant Camar, situated in Otocac, Croatia, is a highly acclaimed eatery known for its exceptional service. With rave reviews online, it offers a delightful dining experience. Whether you're craving traditional Croatian cuisine or international dishes, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your taste buds.
Distance from the center of Otočac: ~1.4 km
Restaurant "Ribič"
User reviews
Restaurant Ribic in Otocac, Croatia is a budget-friendly gem known for its delicious barbecue cuisine. Offering good value for money, this eatery has garnered excellent reviews for its top-notch service. With its mouthwatering menu and affordable prices, it's the perfect spot to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank.
Distance from the center of Otočac: ~1.0 km
Restaurant "Bumerang"
User reviews
Restaurant Bumerang, situated in Otocac, Croatia, offers a diverse menu featuring seafood, pizza, and barbecue dishes. With a budget-friendly approach, this restaurant delivers satisfying meals without breaking the bank. Whether you're craving fresh seafood, a delicious pizza, or mouthwatering barbecue, Bumerang has something for everyone at an affordable price.

Cultural sights nearby

The Memorial Center of Nikola Tesla, near Karlobag, is a tribute to the renowned inventor and scientist, showcasing his life and achievements through exhibits and interactive displays.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~34 km
Memorial Center of Nikola Tesla
User reviews
This small yet remarkably compact memorial is a delightful tribute to the life of the remarkable Croatian inventor, Nikola Tesla. All of the buildings have been beautifully restored, including his birth house which provides detailed information about his life, as well as the church where Nikola's father used to preach. One of the highlights is the laboratory where visitors can experience the wireless transfer of electricity (please note that this may not be suitable for individuals with pacemakers or similar devices). Additionally, there is a visitor center offering a 20-minute video showcasing Nikola's extraordinary life. Amenities such as toilets, a souvenir shop, and a refreshment kiosk are also available. We particularly enjoyed the solar panel powered bench equipped with USB chargers.
Sokolac Castle, near Otocac, is a historic fortress nestled in the picturesque Croatian countryside, offering visitors a glimpse into the region's rich history and stunning natural beauty.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~16 km
Sokolac Castle
User reviews
These castle ruins are located atop a hill. To access them, you can park near the prominent Slovenian Brinje sign in the town center and then proceed on foot through the grass until you reach the path. Although it doesn't seem to be accessible for tourism purposes, it's still enjoyable to spend some time admiring the ruins.
The Suncanik Sculpture in the village of Senj is a beautiful outdoor artwork depicting a sunflower, symbolizing the vibrant spirit and natural beauty of the region.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~30 km
Suncanik Sculpture
User reviews
We were completely unaware that we would come across the 45th Parallel during our trip. We stumbled upon a magnificent monument and signs that clearly indicated our location as being halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. Unfortunately, I don't have the exact address for this place, but I'm confident that anyone in the town would be able to provide directions. The monument is situated right by the water, offering a stunning view of the Fortress across the bay to the south. I would have liked to include a photo, but I will only do so if it is permitted without disclosing the address.
The Church of St. Trinity, situated in the picturesque village of Baska, is a historic place of worship known for its beautiful architecture and serene atmosphere.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~39 km
Church of St.Trinity
User reviews
During our stay in Baska, we took the time to visit the stunning Church of Saint Trinity. It is definitely a must-see attraction. The church offers a breathtaking view of the sea, which is truly remarkable. Not only does it possess an immense historical significance, but if you happen to strike up a conversation with one of the amiable locals, they will gladly share some fascinating stories with you.

Natural sights in the vicinity

The Bear Sanctuary near Otocac is a refuge for rescued bears, providing them with a safe and natural environment to live and thrive.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~9.5 km
Bear Sanctuary
User reviews
This was our first time seeing bears outside of the zoo. We felt a little lost at first because we didn't see any guides, but we managed to walk around and had a great time.
Discover the breathtaking beauty of National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. Explore cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and lush forests in this natural wonderland. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of this UNESCO World Heritage site.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~27 km
National Park Plitvice Lakes
User reviews
Embark on an adventure at the National Park Plitvice Lakes, where outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of activities. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the park's well-marked trails, leading them through dense forests, across wooden footbridges, and along the edges of glistening lakes. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, boat rides allow visitors to glide along the tranquil waters, taking in the park's beauty from a different perspective. With its endless opportunities for exploration, the Plitvice Lakes National Park promises an unforgettable experience for all.
Discover the pristine beauty of National Park North Velebit in Croatia. Explore its magnificent landscapes, diverse wildlife, and thrilling hiking trails. Immerse yourself in nature's wonders and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting destination.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~25 km
National Park North Velebit
User reviews
Prepare to be amazed by the exquisite beauty of National Park North Velebit. With its dramatic landscapes, pristine rivers, and cascading waterfalls, it is truly a nature lover's paradise. The park is also home to the enchanting Hajducki and Rozanski Kukovi, vertical cliffs that attract climbers from around the world. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the underground world of the park, as it features fascinating karst phenomena, including caves and sinkholes. A visit to National Park North Velebit is an unforgettable experience for all.
Explore the stunning beauty of Croatia's Nature Park Velebit. Experience breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and thrilling outdoor activities. Discover the hidden gems of this untouched paradise.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~45 km
Nature park Velebit
User reviews
Nature Park Velebit is a stunning natural landscape located in Croatia. With its diverse terrain, ranging from majestic mountains to lush forests, it offers a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Visitors can explore numerous hiking trails, discover hidden caves, and witness breathtaking panoramic views. The park is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, including rare species such as the griffon vulture. Whether you're seeking adventure or simply looking to reconnect with nature, Velebit is a must-visit destination in Croatia.
Grabovaca Cave Park, near Otocac, is a captivating natural wonder filled with stunning limestone formations, underground rivers, and breathtaking caves, offering an unforgettable adventure for nature enthusiasts.Distance from the center of Otocac: ~26 km
Grabovaca Cave Park
User reviews
Excellent experience. The cave tour was fantastic, and our guide was exceptional.
Distance from the center of Otocac: ~11 km
Majerovo Vrilo
User reviews
This location transports you back in time, offering a truly charming and peaceful experience. The water here is refreshingly cold and crystal clear, concealing a surprisingly deep spring. We were oblivious to this fact until our friends, who had explored the spring, enlightened us. Regrettably, we didn't have enough time to fully enjoy the place, but we will definitely make sure to allocate more time on our next visit.
Distance from the center of Otocac: ~29 km
Veliki Slap
User reviews
The waterfall itself is absolutely stunning, however, the route to get there is overcrowded with people going in both directions, as the path continues past the waterfall. As a result, it becomes extremely challenging to capture a picture due to the large crowds.
Distance from the center of Otocac: ~29 km
User reviews
Plitvice is a stunning section of this exceptional park. It boasts numerous lakes, waterfalls, and wooden pathways, making it undeniably one of the top five most breathtaking and captivating destinations in Croatia.

Coffee bars and night clubs

Kalypso Zrce, distance from the center of Novalja: 2.80 kmDistance from the center of Otocac: ~44 km
Kalypso Zrce
User reviews
Big Yellow House Bar, distance from the center of Novalja: 0.60 kmDistance from the center of Otocac: ~44 km
Big Yellow House Bar
User reviews
Papaya Club, distance from the center of Novalja: 3.00 kmDistance from the center of Otocac: ~44 km
Papaya Club
User reviews
Aquarius Zrce, distance from the center of Novalja: 2.80 kmDistance from the center of Otocac: ~44 km
Aquarius Zrce
User reviews
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