Postira - Island of Brac, Croatia: private accommodation, apartments, villas with pool and hotels on the beach

Welcome to Postira, a hidden gem on the picturesque island of Brac! Nestled on the Adriatic coast, this charming Mediterranean village offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Immerse yourself in the rich culture as you stroll through the cobblestone streets lined with traditional stone houses. Explore the quaint harbor and indulge in freshly caught seafood at local taverns. Don't forget to visit the stunning Church of St. John the Baptist, a true architectural masterpiece. For your accommodation needs, Postira offers a wide range of options, including private apartments. Experience the authentic island lifestyle by staying in a cozy apartment, where you can enjoy stunning sea views and immerse yourself in the local community. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, Postira has it all. Explore the crystal-clear waters, sunbathe on sandy beaches, or hike through the lush pine forests. Unwind with a glass of local wine and savor the delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Discover the beauty of Postira and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting destination. Book your stay today and experience the true essence of island life!

Postira is a charming coastal town located on the island of Brac in Croatia.
With its picturesque harbor and narrow streets
 Postira offers a unique and authentic Mediterranean atmosphere.
The town is known for its beautiful beaches
 such as Lovrecina Bay
 where visitors can enjoy crystal-clear waters and stunning sunsets.

Beach Bliss in and around Postira

When it comes to beach destinations in Croatia, Postira is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil and picturesque coastal experience. Located on the beautiful island of Brac, Postira boasts a variety of stunning beaches that cater to all types of beachgoers. One of the most popular beaches in the area is Lovrecina, known for its golden sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. This beach is perfect for families, as it offers shallow and calm waters, making it ideal for children to swim and play. For those seeking a more secluded spot, Prja Beach is a hidden gem tucked away in a small cove. With its pebbly shores and peaceful atmosphere, it provides a serene escape from the crowds. Additionally, the nearby town of Splitska is home to a beautiful beach called Zastivonje. Surrounded by lush greenery and offering stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, it is a true paradise for nature lovers. Whether you prefer a lively beach or a secluded spot, Postira and its surrounding areas have something for everyone.

Pebble beach Balatura, distance from the center of Postira: 0.11 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 0.1 km
Beach Balatura
User reviews
Located in the charming coastal town of Postira, the beach Balatura is a hidden gem that offers a perfect retreat for beach lovers. With its picturesque setting and crystal clear waters, it is no wonder that this beach attracts both locals and tourists alike. One of the best things about Balatura beach is that it offers free entry to all visitors. This means that you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea without having to pay any fees.
Pebble beach Molo Lozna, distance from the center of Postira: 0.59 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 0.6 km
Beach Molo Lozna
User reviews
The beach of Molo Lozna, located in Postira, is a private hotel beach with paid access. However, there is also a fairly large free area for those who prefer not to pay. During the high season, the beach tends to be very crowded, so it is recommended to arrive early to secure a good spot. The beach is relatively narrow, stretching around 200 meters in length. It is nestled in a small bay, surrounded by the settlement and buildings.
Pebble beach Trstena, distance from the center of Postira: 1.54 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 1.5 km
Beach Trstena
User reviews
The beach of Trstena in Postira is a private hotel beach that offers both paid access and a fairly large free area for visitors. It is no surprise that this beach can get quite crowded during the high season, as it is conveniently located within the settlement next to the road and buildings. Despite its popularity, Trstena beach has a unique charm. It is situated in a small bay, making it a picturesque spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal clear sea.
Pebble beach Zastup, distance from the center of Splitska: 0.87 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 2.9 km
Beach Zastup
User reviews
Zastup Beach, located in the charming seaside town of Splitska, is a haven for beach lovers seeking a delightful coastal retreat. As a private hotel beach, it offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere for those looking to relax and unwind. Access to Zastup Beach is available through paid entrance, but there is also a fairly large free area for visitors to enjoy. During the high season, the beach tends to get crowded, as it is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike. Situated in a small bay, Zastup Beach stretches for 200 meters along the coastline.
Beach Lovrecina, distance from the center of Postira: 2.90 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 2.9 km
Beach Lovrecina
User reviews
Located in the picturesque town of Postira, the beach of Lovrecina is a hidden gem on the island of Brac, Croatia . With its stunning natural beauty and convenient location, it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. One of the best things about Lovrecina beach is that it is completely free to enter. Unlike some other beaches in the area, there are no entrance fees or hidden charges. This makes it a great choice for those on a budget. During the high season, Lovrecina beach can get quite crowded.
Beach Ducac, distance from the center of Postira: 3.60 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 3.6 km
Beach Ducac
User reviews
Located close to the charming town of Postira, the beach Ducac offers a tranquil and secluded spot for beachgoers seeking a peaceful escape. With no amenities available, this hidden gem provides a back-to-nature experience, perfect for those looking to unwind and reconnect with the beauty of the sea. One of the highlights of Ducac beach is its free entry, making it accessible to all visitors. Nestled in a small bay, this 200-meter-long beach is narrow and stretches along the shoreline.
Pebble beach Praznica, distance from the center of Postira: 4.13 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 4.1 km
Beach Praznica
User reviews
Praznica Beach, located close to Postira, is a hidden gem on the island of Brac in Croatia . This quiet and secluded beach offers a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist spots. With no amenities, it provides a pure and untouched natural beauty that is hard to find elsewhere. One of the best things about Praznica Beach is that it is free to enter. You can enjoy the stunning surroundings without having to pay an entrance fee.
Pebble beach Babin Laz, distance from the center of Supetar: 2.33 kmDistance from the center of Postira: 4.3 km
Beach Babin Laz
User reviews
Located in Supetar, Babin Laz beach is a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy the beautiful Croatian coastline. As a hotel beach, the major part of the beach is reserved for hotel guests, making it a private and exclusive spot. However, even in high season, the beach tends to get crowded due to its popularity. What sets Babin Laz beach apart is its location in a small bay, offering a sense of tranquility and privacy.

How to Get to Postira: A Hidden Gem on the Croatian Coast

Located on the stunning island of Brac, Postira is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers seeking an authentic Croatian experience. Getting to this picturesque town is easier than you might think. The most convenient way to reach Postira is by flying into Split Airport, which is well-connected to major European cities. From the airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to the Split ferry port. There are regular ferry services that operate between Split and Supetar, the main port on Brac. Once you arrive in Supetar, it's just a short bus or taxi ride to Postira, where you can immerse yourself in the town's charming atmosphere and breathtaking coastal beauty.

Natural Sights in and Around Postira

One of the must-visit places in Postira is the Vidova Gora Mountain, the highest peak on the island. From its summit, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including the iconic Zlatni Rat beach. Another remarkable natural attraction near Postira is the Blaca Hermitage, a hidden monastery carved into the cliffs. This secluded spot offers a unique glimpse into the island's spiritual history and rewards visitors with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. For nature lovers, a visit to the nearby Lovrecina Bay is a must. This untouched oasis is famous for its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and ancient ruins. Whether you're seeking adventure, tranquility, or simply want to admire the beauty of nature, Postira and its surroundings have something for everyone.

Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Nature Park Biokovo in Croatia. Explore the diverse landscapes, hike through scenic trails, and witness breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Immerse yourself in the splendor of nature's wonders at Biokovo.Distance from the center of Postira: ~33 km
Nature park Biokovo
User reviews
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Nature Park Biokovo, a protected area in Croatia that captivates visitors with its stunning landscapes. Discover the park's diverse flora and fauna, including over 1,500 plant species and various endemic and endangered animal species. Take a scenic drive along the Biokovo Road and witness the dramatic cliffs and deep canyons that make this park so unique. Whether you're an avid hiker or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, Nature Park Biokovo promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of nature.
Distance from the center of Postira: ~10 km
Vidova Gora
User reviews
This hike is quite long and can get quite hot. It's not incredibly difficult, but the loose gravel can make it challenging to maintain stable footing. And when people recommend going early, they really mean it. We started at 6:30 am and it was still scorching hot. However, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. We encountered spiders, a snake, mountain goats, and even children along the way. Plus, the views of Zlatni Rat are simply stunning. If you're a hiking enthusiast, this is definitely a trail you shouldn't miss out on.
Discover the breathtaking beauty of Punta Rata beach in Brela, Croatia. Crystal clear waters, stunning rock formations, and pristine white pebble shores await. Explore this hidden gem on the Adriatic coast and experience the ultimate beach paradise.Distance from the center of Postira: ~24 km
Beach Punta Rata, Brela
User reviews
Nestled between imposing cliffs and the shimmering Adriatic Sea, Punta Rata beach is a hidden gem on the Croatian coast. The beach's unique location provides breathtaking panoramic views, making it a favorite spot for photographers and nature enthusiasts. The calm and clear waters are ideal for swimming, while the surrounding cliffs offer opportunities for cliff jumping and diving. If you prefer a more laid-back experience, you can simply relax on the beach and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves. Punta Rata beach is a true haven of natural beauty, inviting you to unwind and connect with the stunning coastal landscape.
Mosor Mountain, located in Split, Croatia, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Adriatic Sea. It is a popular destination for hiking, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts.Distance from the center of Postira: ~20 km
Mosor Mountain
User reviews
Dalmatia Split is not entirely flat; there are charming mountains that surround the coastal towns. We had the opportunity to witness a breathtaking sunset over the lower town from one of these mountains. It was truly a spectacular sight.
Discover the stunning beauty of Zlatni rat beach in Croatia. With its unique shape and crystal-clear waters, this natural wonder is a must-visit destination for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts. Explore the charm of this enchanting spot on the Dalmatian coast.Distance from the center of Postira: ~12 km
Zlatni rat beach
User reviews
For nature lovers and adventure seekers, Zlatni rat beach is surrounded by a diverse landscape that invites exploration. Take a leisurely walk along the promenade lined with fragrant pine trees and discover hidden coves and secluded spots. Alternatively, venture further inland and explore the island's rugged terrain, where hiking and biking trails offer stunning views of the coastline and the nearby town of Bol.
Vranjaca Cave, near the village of Trilj, is a stunning natural wonder with unique rock formations and an underground river, making it a popular tourist attraction in Croatia.Distance from the center of Postira: ~20 km
Vranjaca Cave
User reviews
Who wouldn't want to venture beneath a mountain and discover the hidden world of this 65 million-year-old cave? It is truly a captivating and educational experience, guided by the dedicated family caretakers of this remarkable national treasure. I highly recommend visiting to support one of the world's most incredible natural phenomena. The cave maintains a pleasant temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, providing a refreshing escape from the heat. It is easy to navigate and mostly dry, although there are quite a few steps to climb. I personally wore close-fitting fit flops and had no issues. The owner provides a brief personal introduction for about 10 minutes before allowing you to explore the cave at your own pace. Being inside is truly a remarkable experience. What sets this place apart is its lack of tourist crowds. You can easily drive almost to the cave entrance, where the road ends and a pebble path begins. There is a stunning seating area surrounding the cave, adorned with beautiful rockery planting and shaded walls, complete with seats and tables. It is a serene, natural, and safe environment. I highly recommend bringing a picnic and enjoying it there. There are also toilet facilities and a drinks machine available. However, I urge you to take your time and soak in the magic of this meticulously maintained location.
Cetina River in Omis is a stunning natural wonder, known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and breathtaking canyons, offering thrilling adventures like rafting and kayaking.Distance from the center of Postira: ~9.0 km
Cetina River
User reviews
An old town boasting magnificent river and ocean views, set against a backdrop of rugged mountains. It is a perfect destination for a delightful time, particularly during the summer season. The locals are incredibly friendly, and the town is known for its safety.
Cetina Canyon, nestled in the picturesque town of Omis, is a breathtaking natural wonder offering stunning views, crystal-clear waters, and thrilling outdoor activities like rafting and hiking.Distance from the center of Postira: ~9.1 km
Cetina Canyon
User reviews
I decided to go on a boat trip after browsing through numerous options near the bridge. Most of the boat trips offered similar experiences, so it's worth negotiating to secure the best price. The journey took us up the river canyon for approximately 40 minutes, and we then disembarked at a restaurant/bar for around 30 minutes. This duration was sufficient for us, but it's advisable to check with your boatman regarding the length of the stop as some boats stayed longer. The canyon itself is a breathtaking and serene place, boasting magnificent scenery. We were fortunate enough to spot turtles and a variety of bird species. While it is possible to drive on a parallel road, witnessing the canyon from the water adds an extra touch of charm.

Postira: A Tranquil Retreat in Croatia

With its untouched natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and charming stone houses, Postira offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for rejuvenation. Whether you prefer to laze on the pristine beaches, take leisurely walks along the scenic promenade, or indulge in delicious local cuisine at cozy seaside restaurants, Postira has something to offer for every traveler seeking tranquility. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of this idyllic Croatian destination.

Best Time to Visit Postira

Postira, a charming coastal town located on the beautiful island of Brac in Croatia, offers a delightful Mediterranean experience to its visitors. The best time to visit Postira is during the summer months from June to September when the weather is sunny and warm, perfect for enjoying the stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. During this time, the town comes alive with various cultural events and festivals, providing a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. The summer season also offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and hiking, allowing you to make the most of this idyllic island paradise. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, Postira has something to offer for everyone during the summer months.

One Day Trips from Postira

With its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, there are several exciting day trips that can be easily organized from Postira. One of the must-visit destinations is the enchanting town of Supetar, located just a short drive away. Known for its charming old town, beautiful beaches, and vibrant waterfront promenade, Supetar offers a perfect blend of history, relaxation, and entertainment. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets, visit the Baroque Parish Church of the Annunciation, or simply relax on one of the sandy or pebble beaches. For nature lovers, a visit to Vidova Gora, the highest peak on the island of Brac, is a must. Embark on a hiking adventure through lush forests and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, neighboring islands, and the picturesque landscape of Brac. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the stunning vistas. Another fantastic day trip option is to visit the famous Zlatni Rat beach in Bol. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, Zlatni Rat boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters and a unique shape that changes with the tides and currents. Relax on the pebbly shore, indulge in water sports, or explore the charming town of Bol itself. With its strategic location and diverse attractions, Postira is the ideal starting point for exploring the wonders of Brac and its surrounding islands. Whether you prefer cultural exploration, outdoor adventures, or beach relaxation, there are plenty of exciting day trip options to choose from.

Cultural Sights in and around Postira

One prominent cultural sight in Postira is the Church of St. John the Baptist, an architectural gem dating back to the 16th century. Its stunning Baroque facade and intricate interior decorations are sure to captivate visitors. Another noteworthy site is the Olive Oil Museum, located in a restored 16th-century stone house. Here, visitors can learn about the traditional olive oil production techniques that have been passed down through generations on the island. Just a short distance from Postira, travelers can discover the charming village of Dol. Known for its well-preserved stone houses and narrow winding streets, Dol offers a glimpse into rural life on the island. Visitors can explore the Church of St. Stephen, a beautiful medieval church adorned with fascinating frescoes. For those willing to venture a bit further, the town of Supetar, located around 10 kilometers from Postira, is worth a visit. This bustling coastal town boasts significant cultural sights, including the Church of the Annunciation, with its stunning bell tower, and the Supetar Heritage Museum, which showcases the town's rich history through artifacts and exhibits. Whether exploring Postira or its nearby towns, cultural enthusiasts will find a treasure trove of historical landmarks and immersive experiences, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to uncover Croatia's cultural heritage.

Museum Uja, nestled in the charming village of Skrip, is a captivating destination that offers a glimpse into the rich history and culture of the island of Brac.Distance from the center of Postira: ~2.8 km
Museum Uja
User reviews
We were thrilled to discover that there is an olive oil museum in Skrip, the oldest settlement on the island of Brac, which opened in 2013. I was unsure of what to expect, but my experience far exceeded my expectations as we were taken on a fascinating tour of one of the finest traditional Dalmatian attractions. The museum showcases the traditional process of olive oil production on the island of Brac. Visitors can see the olive mill, olive press, spindle for tightening the press screw, bags, fireplace for heating the water, and all the traditional tools used for transporting, producing, and storing olive oil. Our guide, who happened to be a relative of the original owner, was incredibly passionate about his family's role in preserving these traditional methods. Their dedication was the catalyst for the mill's revival as an olive oil museum. The museum is filled with an endless supply of authentic and original artifacts, showcasing the old traditional production methods. Before we began our tour, our guide offered us a liqueur made from olive oil and shared his family's involvement in the production process. The Krstulovc family mill, founded in 1864, served the local community for almost a century using very traditional methods. However, in 1963, a more sophisticated and efficient mill opened nearby, bringing an end to the milling tradition in this family house in Skrip. Kruno and Mandica Krstulovic had upgraded the mill in the early 20th century by purchasing a new "Thomas Holt" olive press from Trieste. They continued processing olive oil until 1963 when the mill ceased operations due to the introduction of new technologies, such as the hydraulic press. In 2013, Kruno Cukrov, the grandson of Kruno Krstulovic, and his family took on the challenge of restoring the old mill. By July of that year, the mill had become the Museum of Olive Oil in Skrip, open to the public as a historical and cultural monument to the history of olive oil production on the island of Brac. It is worth noting that it took over a year just to restore the roof. Our guide explained that there were three challenges in authentically restoring the roof. Firstly, finding craftsmen in the modern era who were capable of the job proved to be almost impossible. When they were finally found, most of them were too old to take on the task. However, a local craftsman from the younger generation was eventually found and put to work. Lastly, the roof is not fully waterproof, just as it was not in the past. The Cukrov family continues the tradition of producing olive oil as a part of their family business, but now they use modern machines. Their extra virgin olive oil was even awarded a bronze medal. During the tour, guests are invited to try out the machinery, which is great fun for adults and I'm sure youngsters would be thrilled as well.
The Museum of Brac in Postira village offers visitors a unique insight into the rich history and culture of the island, with a collection of artifacts and the center of the settlement
Museum of Brac
User reviews
This museum in Skrip may be small, but it is truly amazing, thanks to the docent. She is absolutely phenomenal! We arrived at around 10 am, and to our surprise, there were no other visitors. The docent took this opportunity to provide us with an incredibly detailed tour of the collection. She spoke for over an hour, covering various aspects of the region's history, such as economics, culture, religion, archaeology, and much more. Her knowledge was truly impressive as she effortlessly zipped between folders and images on the computer, enriching the tour with family stories and local history. We were captivated by her enthusiasm and expertise throughout the entire experience. If you have even the slightest interest in history, I highly recommend visiting this place. It is definitely worth your time!
The Island of Brac Museum in Skrip offers a fascinating glimpse into the history and culture of the island through its diverse collection of artifacts and exhibits.Distance from the center of Postira: ~2.8 km
The Island of Brac Museum
User reviews
We visited the museum as a family of 5 adults and 2 young children. It is situated in the charming village of Skrip, right in the heart of the island. The museum is the last building in the village and although it is quite small, it has a lovely setting. During our visit, we were the only ones there and the museum curator made a lasting impression on us. The curator provided us with a fascinating 45-minute history lesson about the island, including interesting facts about the local stone buildings, shipping, maritime battles, and even insects that inhabit the area. What made this experience even better was that the entire lecture was tailored specifically for my 4-year-old daughter. The curator's storytelling captivated her completely and she was enthralled by the whole experience. I haven't encountered such a memorable experience in a long time. I highly recommend visiting this museum.
Supetar Bay is a picturesque coastal area in the charming town of Supetar, offering stunning views, clear turquoise waters, and a range of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.Distance from the center of Postira: ~6.3 km
Supetar Bay
User reviews
Supetar Bay is the heart of Supetar, a charming medieval port town that has managed to retain its old-world charm. The bay is lined with numerous restaurants offering a range of dining options, with prices varying from moderate to high. The breathtaking views of the majestic mountain ranges across the water add to the overall beauty of the place. Exploring the narrow lanes of Supetar doesn't require much time as the town is relatively small, yet undeniably enchanting. Instead, take a leisurely stroll along the bay, with the sparkling sea on your right, until you venture past the town and discover the pristine beaches that await you.

Types of Accommodation in Postira

From luxurious beachfront resorts to cozy guesthouses and private apartments, there is something for everyone in this picturesque destination. Visitors can choose to stay in modern hotels equipped with all necessary amenities, or opt for traditional stone houses that exude a rustic charm. For a more intimate experience, there are also bed and breakfast establishments that provide a personalized touch. Whether you are seeking a romantic getaway or a family-friendly retreat, Postira has the perfect accommodation to make your stay a memorable one.

Recommended restaurants

Distance from the center of Postira: ~2.9 km
Kastil Gospodnetic
User reviews
Restaurant Kastil Gospodnetic, situated in Skrip, Croatia, offers great value for money. With excellent online reviews, this establishment is known for its outstanding service.
Distance from the center of Postira: ~0.6 km
Bistro Levanat
User reviews
Restaurant Levanat in Postira, Croatia, is a must-visit for barbecue enthusiasts. With a focus on exceptional service, this restaurant has garnered excellent reviews online. Indulge in their mouthwatering grilled dishes, prepared with expertise and served with a smile. Experience the flavors of Croatia at Restaurant Levanat for an unforgettable dining experience.
Distance from the center of Postira: ~3.0 km
User reviews
Restaurant Panorama in Splitska, Croatia offers a delightful seafood cuisine. With its good value for money, this restaurant has gained excellent reviews for its service online. Whether you're craving fresh fish or other seafood specialties, you can expect a satisfying dining experience at Restaurant Panorama.
Distance from the center of Postira: ~0.3 km
Restaurant "BRAZZA"
User reviews
BRAZZA, nestled in Postira, Croatia, is a restaurant that has garnered rave reviews for its exceptional service. With a reputation that precedes it, this eatery offers a delightful dining experience. From delectable dishes to a warm and friendly atmosphere, BRAZZA is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts looking for a memorable culinary adventure in Postira.

Coffee bars and night clubs

Monika's Wine Cellar, distance from the center of Zrnovnica: 0.60 kmDistance from the center of Postira: ~16 km
Monika's Wine Cellar
User reviews
Taboo Bar Omis, distance from the center of Omis: 0.30 kmDistance from the center of Postira: ~9.0 km
Taboo Bar Omis
User reviews
Beach Bar Lungomare, distance from the center of Stobrec: 2.40 kmDistance from the center of Postira: ~14 km
Beach Bar Lungomare
User reviews
Auro, distance from the center of Bol: 1.80 kmDistance from the center of Postira: ~13 km
User reviews
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