May 3, 2018

Travel to Croatia

‘Wow Croatia’ – documentary film by reporter Ashley Colburn and cameraman John Needden received a prestigious American award ‘Emmy’ for television production.

Ashley Colburn and John Needden supported by Croatian National Tourist Board traveled through Croatia for eight days and recorded the most beautiful shots from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. Documentary showed Croatian cultural and historical heritage and cuisine.


The film is a great promotion for Croatia and Croatian tourism to the people of U.S. who show the growing interest for Croatia tourist offer. Croatian cultural and natural heritage, in the Croatian tourist offer, become a real discovery.


There are few places in the world where such a little space preserve so much of diversity and cultural heritage, as it is in Croatia. This is the place where the greatest European civilizations touched one another and mixed. Influences of the European largest groups meets here – Slavic, Roman and Germanic. This is the border of the Eastern and Western European cultures – Eastern and Western Christianity. There used to be the European defense border line protecting from the Ottoman, Islamic conquerors in the late Middle Age.

Following the trends of the great cultures and using our own creativity, generations through the history of Croatia created a unique indigenous achievements. If you think about Old Town of Dubrovnik, religious buildings in Dalmatia, etc.

If you are planing a trip of your life, in order to achieve culinary fantasies, why don’t you go where you will try the best food you will ever taste in your life? That was the question that CNN asked in its tourist guides and offered several destinations; Croatia is one of them.

The top four destinations – Andalusia in Spain, Patagonia in Chile, French Burgundy and – CNN said – Dalmatian coast.

Jurney ‘Taste of Croatia’ that takes 12 days coast 4 000 USD per person, according to CNN which suggests sailing along the Croatian coast and the taste of wine Plavac Mali on Peljesac, mussels in Mali Ston and wild capers on island Vis.

Preservation of nature will astonish you and its beauty will enchant you – the opportunity for rest and recreation

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