Croatia Holidays

May 3, 2018

Plan Your Holidays in Croatia

The amazing and wonderful cultural heritage of Croatia and charming beauty of nature become part of the concept of the syntax.

Because of these characteristic of destinations, the indescribable beauty of nature, on the Adriatic coast and islands, and amenities for pleasure and relaxation, Croatia holidays has become very recognizable in world tourism, and concept CROATIA HOLIDAYS gets emotional tone and color in all of these who have any experience of contact with these amazing surroundings.

In proportion to its size, it is specially important intangible wealth of Croatian heritage, because with even seven cultural phenomena in scribed on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Croatia became the first country in Europe and fourth in the world behind China (which makes the quarter of the world’s population), Japan and the Republic of Korea.

On UNESCO’s List are found: manifestation Fest of Saint Blaise in Dubrovnik, a Croatian lace making with centers in Lepoglava and the islands of Hvar and Pag, carnival group of Bell-ringers from Kastav near Rijeka, …

One of the reasons for this wealth of material and intangible cultural heritage is an exceptional (geographical) position of Croatia on important traffic routes and crossroads of great civilizations, each leaving their mark. That is why Croatia is characterized by extraordinary diversity of cultural heritage in a small space and the presence of monuments from all periods of civilization, from prehistory to recent times. So, in Croatia there can be found monuments of ancient Greece, ancient Rome, early medieval monuments, Mediterranean Renaissance, Central-European Baroque, and modern Central-European Art-Nouveau heritage. There are also unique testimony of the earliest prehistoric times, such as one of the most significant finds of Neanderthal man near Krapina, Vucedol’s Neolithic culture of Homo-sapiens (i.e.species which belongs to the modern man) near Vukovar, before-Roman Illyrian ruins and many more. Research shows that the main migration stream of Homo-sapiens from Africa across Central Asia and Asia Minor to Europe area passed just through this region north of the Adriatic sea. See it while having fun on Croatia holidays.

In Croatia there are many testimonies of skills of local people who have followed the trends of large neighboring nations, fit into their culture, but also created unique achievements of indigenous (indigenous rural architecture, churches, palaces, Old Town of Dubrovnik and many other things).

Many Croatian artists and architects obligated the whole humanity with their creativity, like Juraj Dalmatinac, who had applied unprecedented form of prefabricated building at Cathedral in Sibenik in the 15th century; or Ivan Mestorvic, whose statues adorn particularly important locations in remote Chicago USA, etc.

All can be experienced on Croatia holidays.

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