Croatia yachting

Croatia yachting from north to south of Adriatic sea
More than a thousands islands are waiting to be discovered
Be prepared to discover a unique world. Croatia is the new Mediterranean paradise.

The Adriatic Sea is one of the most beautiful seas in the world, especially in September when it is calmed down to unbelievable gentleness.

This beautiful, scenic sea is bounded on the west by Italy, and on the East by Croatia.
Croatia yachting can be a real dream vacation !

One of the popular reasons for renting yachts in Croatia is to host corporate events such as corporate incentive travel. What could be a better choice for team building or business incentive travel, than to sail a yacht together – an unfamiliar activity in a new environment?

For family vacations, Croatia yachting is an excellent way to promote family bonding, and have a shared activity for parents and children. Either way, if you are looking for family travel or corporate incentive travel, business incentive travel – Croatia yachting is a perfect choice.

One of the great thing about sailing a yacht with dear friends, family or business colleagues is that there are no interruptions from strangers. It is like having your own party.

And in order to get the most out of your yachting experience, hire an experienced skipper Skipper with thousands of nautical miles behind him or her, spent on Adriatic sea. Such experience skipper would make your Croatia yachting holidays even better and can drive you to island coves and beaches you would never discover by yourself.

Your boat guider will gladly discover the best restaurants on islands or along the coastline for you, and recommend sightseeing of attractions or cultural heritage you should visit while traveling the Adriatic.

You can think about you boat skipper as your personal tour guider. Well experience skipper is a must, in order to receive maximum value from your Croatia yachting vacation.

Yacht fleet / boats situated in Rogoznica, Biograd, Makarska or Trogir

Dubrovnik area Croatia

Dubrovnik area: beauty of nature, rich cultural heritage

About the cultural heritage of the Old City of Dubrovnik and its vicinity I wrote under the title „Dubrovnik, the jewel of Croatian cultural heritage“, covering the Konavle with Cavtat and Dubrovnik coast with Trsteno and its arboretum.

There are more data that are very interesting about the wider Dubrovnik area, due to its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Rich cultural heritage of the southernmost and sunniest tourist area, attract tourists of diferent tastes and requirements for a long time.

The territory of the Neretva River delta, due to the natural soil fertility and availability of fresh water, was populated since ancient times. The proof of that is Ancient Narona. Museum is built on the original location of sites, above part of the Roman Forum.

If we start from Dubovnik coast towards island of Korcula we will pas through the hilly wine-growing peninsula of Peljesac. The old center of the peninsula is the scenic town of Ston on the isthmus that connects it to the mainland. Between the Stone and the neighboring Mali Ston which is famous after the cultivation of oyster shells, are an impressive walls.

On the west side of the peninsula there is Orebic, the largest settlement of the peninsula and the center of the sea captains.

The largest island of the Dubrovnik region is Korcula. Korcula shows the splendor of the great buildings, it is specially emphasized in its main town of the same name Korcula. The appearance of the town, Korcula owes to the period of the 14. – 16. century, when the island of Korcula (unlike the rest of the Dubrovnik area) belonged to the Republic of Venice. Town of Korcula is well know by its raster of the streets that forms a fish bones shape and by its preserved Gothic and Renaissance buildings (the Cathedral of St Marc, a Franciscan monastery on an islet near the town of Badia, Korcula Municipal Museum etc.).

But the most interesting location to its visitors is the house of the Polo family because from her comes its most famous son, the world´s great adventurer, Marco Polo. People of Korcula carefully preserve their heritage, as it is shown through the maintenance of Church events, and even more in the medieval knight´s game Moreška (Moreska) which traditionally takes place one a year on the streets of the town.

Worthy inheritance is placed in two more places on the island, in Vela Luka and in Blato. In Vela Luka there is the most important prehistorc archaeological site in Dalmatia, called Vela Spila. Numerous ceramic, stone and bone artefacts were found here from Neolithic period, as well as preserved decorated tombs.

The most distant islands in Dubrovnik region are Mljet and Lastovo, known fot its natural heritage. The National Park Mljet anf the Nature Park Lastovo. On the little island in the middle of the biggest lake in the National Park Mljet there is an interesting cultural monument, the Benedictine monastery from the 17th century.

Elafiti islands in front of Dubrovnik, with its charming old villas and castles from the period of the greatest splendor of the famous Dubrovnik Republic will be breathtaking to the surprised visitor.
Come and enjoy the beauty of nature
and rich cultural heritage
of the Dubrovnik region.