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When we are talking about business meetings, first we should mention that there are many different types of business meetings on different and various levels and that business meetings can be of different importance.

Businesspeople Playing in the Ocean

If we are thinking about the business meetings at the highest level, let’s call them meetings of the business elites, the quality and success of the meeting is at the main focus. It is known that certain approaches to structuring the meetings will lead to greater success reaching an agreement, or lead to the discovery of new solutions and possibilities. Of course, some business meetings will be greatly different from the others. The very structure of the meeting will be added to the content that can positively affect the atmosphere and thus the results of the meeting.
What are the guiding ideas that make the meeting effective and successful:

More and more people in the top business management take care of their healthy habits and lifestyle. Innovative programs that supports healthy living lifestyle is high on their daily agenda. A new approach to living that inspires superior performance in their business activities and beyond.
In response to these needs, hotels have developed specialized facilities that serve professionals who need to be on top of the willingness and creativity. Conferences, brainstorming sessions, meetings, etc., can be very demanding, it is important to be over them in order to reach important results and agreement. Ambient, environment and activities play a supporting role in order to achieve successful results.

Superb cuisine, activities (like fitness, hiking, yachting), and services (like massages, sauna and aroma-therapy) now becomes a fundamental part of the package and it should be taken into perspective in time when the meeting is planning. – Healthy food and stimulate activity. All this should be considered when choosing the right location for business meetings.

It is familiar that experts involved in the planning important business contacts (meetings) recommend the use of calming lavender aroma or cup of jasmine tea, when the meeting is of negotiation type.
Atmosphere that is offered by the architecture and interior design is also an important element.
So, when planning a meeting of the business clientèle it requires a holistic approach (service, ambiance and so on), which achieves a sense of emotional well-being and stimulate business activity. Nice environment certainly has a psychological impact on each client. The Art Nouveau architecture and decoration as an artistic style can have an important role. The beauty of the natural environment of Kvarner will also contribute.

Villa Eugenia was built in 1910. in Art Nouveau style. Properties of this architectural style are very suitable for social events and holidays, for pleasure by providing discretion to its guests. Villa Eugenie has 15 comfortable rooms with social facilities and quality service, culinary,… It is the perfect place for a gathering of business people, it represents an ideal combination of features – rest and relaxation, approaching the social partners and creative special effects, far from city noise.

Yacht Princess that is offered by Villa Eugenia raises the energy level, release and stimulate thoughts, stirs the creative potential and has a positive effect on the human personality. At the end of a well-organized meeting participants will feel a unique sense of strength and success in realizing the objectives achieved. They will build new and long-lasting friendships and a quality partnership.

Recommended duration of such productive meetings is at least three days, if it is a brainstorming session aimed at generating new ideas and solutions. It is important that every participant contributes and the mutual cooperation is encouraged. Decisions are taken in a relaxed atmosphere, spontaneously and informally, in the relaxed gatherings after the meetings.


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